Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Sweetest Gift

We had a wonderful Christmas and were blessed with many great gifts and a wonderful time with our wonderful family! Jason's favorite gift, which I love too, was a new camcorder from Grandma and Grandpa to record all of the sweet moments that we will share with our sweet guy for many years to come! My favorite gift was actually one given to Hudson from Grandma and was 2 smocked outfits made by Grandma that were Jason's when he was a little boy:) Thank you so much JittaBug for passing these precious and priceless little clothes on to us :)

Here is a picture of the 2 longalls:
Here is a picture of my sweet guy (& Aunt Stacey) in one of the precious outfits! Isn't this THE sweetest picture?! Love it! :) I love looking at pictures of my sweet Jason...I love him so much and feel so blessed to have him as my husband and as the father of our sweet baby boy.

We officially made it to 37 weeks today! YAY! And are getting more and more excited each day to meet our angel! I can't believe that in a matter of 3 weeks or LESS, we are going to be blessed with a sweet baby boy...our precious Hudson:) I am anxious about my appt on Monday, as we will get a good idea from the doctor where we are with the progression of everything! I have had a ton of contractions very close together tonight, so I HOPE that has helped put us a little closer to meeting our baby! ;)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Week!

We successfully made it through another week! I went to the doctor on Monday and there has been no change, which is wonderful news! I will go back tomorrow for my 36 week visit. One thing different though is baby's movement. Up until Monday afternoon, Hudson had been SO active! I don't mean a kick here and there...I mean crazy movement 24/7. Well that all changed, as he now is just calm and hanging out quietly. I feel him move every now and then, but no where near to what he was doing. Finally slowing down or quiet before the storm?? I sure wish I had a crystal ball!

Monday was my late grandmother, Mary Ann's birthday. My goodness I miss her so much. She was my absolute world and I wish she would have been given more time on this earth with us. My Granny loved Christmas and one of my favorite memories from my childhood was spending Christmas at her house. She always wore festive Christmas clothes, as most Grandma's do;) She had two special turtle necks that I remember the most: one black with red poinsettias and one red gingham with holly berries. I decided to have a special Christmas memory bear made out of her red shirt for Landry's first Christmas and also one for Hudson. I found a lady on Etsy to make a small bear out of a red and white polka dot fabric and she then made a little shirt for the bear out of Granny's shirt (I couldn't bring myself to have the whole shirt cut). They turned out just perfect! I named them Mary (Merry) Bear :) So now, they each have their own MaryBear for Christmas. She was such an angel and I miss her so very much.

We had a wonderful Christmas! Lots of gifts for everyone! Even some for sweet baby Hudsy:) We are so very blessed for all that we have and to be apart of such a loving family. I started getting sick on Thursday and it has lasted until today...but I am soooo much better than I was! I sadly passed it on to Jason and Stacey :( Mom and Dad Fill are still holding strong! And how about this snow?? Who would have ever thought Alabama would have a white Christmas?!?

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're Moving Right Along Schedule...

I went to the Dr today for a check up. The Dr was so happy that we made it another week! I am currently 34.5 weeks, but am measuring a little ahead at 35.5. We need all of the extra weeks we can get! I realize that this can change and he may not grow as much before the next appt. There is no way Baby Boy is going to stay until mid-January, so basically we are just waiting on him any day now and praying he will stay just a little bit longer!!...2 more weeks and we are in the clear! Please keep our angel and his health in your thoughts and prayers! I know he is going to be just fine...he's just displaying traits given to him by his mother...doing things on his time and in his way;) He must know I am talking about him because he is doing some serious moving around right now and has the hiccups :)


Monday, December 13, 2010


I know I have been "nesting" throughout this entire pregnancy. I have become overly obsessed with to-do lists and heaven forbid something be out of place or look cluttered! I have had to take a step back a few times and just tell myself to stop obsessing over every detail and RELAX! So far, that has worked...well maybe 90% or a little less of the time. Well, since our little event that occurred last Wednesday, I am seriously in overdrive!

Why?? I have this major goal or yearning I should say to have everything DONE and in its place before our little guy arrives! My sweet Jason worked his tail off over the weekend on the nursery and we only have a few small things left to do. We rushed to Buy Buy Baby Friday night to pick up some last minute necessities for baby Hudson. My yearning to have everything in its correct place is even making me so very ready to take down the Christmas decor inside! Which is crazy, I know! I LOVE the Christmas season so much and I always have so much fun decorating everything....but honestly the tree has lights and a ornaments...and I am ok with that. There is garland on the mantle and a few festive items here and there, but that's you would think I would not sit and stare at the few items and count the days until they can come down! Nesting or neurotic?? Perhaps both! All I know is that there are times when I begin to question my sanity and rationalization skills! My sister assured me that this was all normal...but also to get ready for the mother of all ups and downs after baby arrives. Given that I am an emotional person not pregnant, I am a little nervous about it. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who is my very best friend that will hold my hand through it he has done for the past 34 weeks of this pregnancy...well actually since the day we met. Hudson and I are so blessed:)

Jason felt the tree was lacking something so he went out and bought some candy canes for it :) However, given his love for all things sweet, I believe he bought them to enjoy eating them while working. I must say he placed all of the candy canes quite well on the tree yesterday....but today there are some serious gaps! ;)

We knew prior to last Wed that baby would be here soon and that this was all really happening...but now that he could be here at any moment over the next couple of weeks has really made things so real. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, especially our little boy. After all, it does not matter if the garland is still up or if the throw pillows are in their correct place....we just hope and pray for a healthy little boy...that is the ONLY true thing that matters. Thank you to everyone who has been so sweet to offer to help us out and who are thinking of us, we appreciate all of our wonderful family and friends so much! If you are still reading this novel of a post, I am most proud! I did not mean for it to be so long, but I just wanted to document everything:)


Friday, December 10, 2010

Some New Photos!

Here are some new pics that I thought I would share :) I chose not to do the traditional maternity photos as we have been taking photos of my belly throughout my pregnancy...that I do not intend on displaying anywhere other than Hudson's baby book! ;) But here are some great maternity/Christmas photos Catherine Mayo took of us!

This is what we used for our Christmas Cards:) I liked it for the cards, because I plan on keeping all of our cards in an album and it sort of documents Dec 2010 for us ;)

The 3 of us :)

Mommy & Hudson


Our Eager Little Boy...

It has been a bit eventful in the Fill household lately. We have had a few hiccups along the way, but the biggest came on Wednesday. Sweet boy is just really ready and eager to come into the world! Long story short: I went into preterm labor and had to go into the hospital. They finally got baby and I stabilized and thankfully he is still safe in my belly! The goal now is to make to tomorrow, each and every day. The big goal is to get through the next 2-3 weeks. We are home now and taking it easy, praying that baby boy will stay inside just a bit longer! My medicine is thankfully keeping things under control right now, so thank heaven for that! I am just really glad that this is all under control at the moment and can be handled and monitored at home!! Hudson will be considered full term on Jan. everyone hope and pray he makes it until then to avoid going to the NICU. But, as my doctor said...if he has to go, then that's where he needs to be and be thankful he has that option. They did give me 2 steroid shots to help mature his lungs, so we feel a bit more at peace knowing that if he just can't make it any longer...they have taken that precaution to help him. I go back to the dr on Tuesday...we'll keep you posted.

Now: GET THE NURSERY DONE and get all remaining baby gear that we need!! I am absolutely not stressing, nope not one bit ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Busy Week!

We sure have had a busy week! Two of our best friends got married on the 20th (Congratulations Wes and Mer!) and J and I were both in the wedding. Sadly I did not take a camera, but I will post one of us when their photographer posts a few! Grandma and Grandpa Fill came down for the wedding and spent a few days with us...we all had a great time at the wedding!

We had a 4-D re-check last Tuesday to hopefully get some better photos of baby Hudson and WE DID! The first time we went, I had some sweet tea before the u/s, but that did not this last time I ate a huge piece of cinnamon sugar coffee cake that was WAY TOO sweet and it did the trick! Here are a few images of our sweet angel :)
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sister's! Scooter's parents and grandparents from Montgomery came up too and there was so much good food! We also celebrated sweet Landry's 1/2 Birthday!
Sweet girl spent the night with us Thursday night so Mommy and Daddy could go to Tuscaloosa for the Iron Bowl. We had so much fun playing Mommy and Daddy! She gave us some good practice and Jason is definitely a pro now :) He is more than ready for Baby Hudson! It was so sweet to watch him with her...he is going to be a wonderful father that Hudson is so lucky to have. Landry was a little fussy because she is teething and just did not want to go to sleep on her own in the crib, so we tried going back and forth from the bed to the crib 1k times...well she ended up falling asleep in Uncle J's arms and he just put her in the middle of us to keep her from waking up and crying again. He did such a great job!! I am so proud to have such a wonderful and loving husband! Sweet girl loves her Uncle J too! I will post some pics later of our Landry play date!

To all of the Auburn fans out there WAR EAGLE!!!! What an awesome game! I am so proud of those Tigers!! Poor Jason is in bed sick with a stomach virus...I hate seeing him sick:( He is so pitiful! I hope he gets better soon and I pray Hudson and I do not get it! :(

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Paisley Peacock!

I have a sweet, sweet friend (Beth) who is so good at monogramming and appliques and I had to share her blog with you! Her stuff is SO cute and very affordable! You can take items to her or she has some items available (clothing, burp cloths, etc). Go to her new blog and look at all of her cute stuff!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Makes My Day!

My sweet and precious husband just sent me this picture that he was tagged in on Facebook :) And it just MADE MY DAY! This photo is of Jason in 1996 as a highschool sophomore and it just makes my heart smile! I told Jason to imagine a little, skinny 3rd grader standing next to him and he quickly told me to hush!...FYI: I would be that little 3rd grader!!! :) Haha!
I love any and all photos of him...birth until present day....they just make me smile SO MUCH! Anyways, this picture made me think of how one day our little Hudson is going to be a big boy and it is just so exciting! I can't wait to see what he is interested in...we're pushing golf like Daddy:) I pray he gets his father's coordination, as I have ZERO to offer him ;)
And in case you could not tell...that is my golfer front and center :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Busy, Busy!

Oh has been a while! I actually have written some posts and was suppose to add pictures to them to finish it....BUT that never happened!

Things are going great with us! We are staying busy. Baby Hudson is doing so good! He is just growing and growing...which means I am too :) I am currently 29 weeks along....will be 30 weeks this Saturday:) It is just so crazy and so amazing to think that he will be here in just a few more weeks. I hit a huge growth spurt in the last 2 weeks and I mean a BIG one. I won't go into numbers, but everyone around me has noticed it too and reminds me frequently. Even strangers have asked if I am expecting twins...or are shocked beyond comprehension that I am due in January. Those close to me have reminded me that I am still so tiny (in frame) that this big beach ball has no where to go but out. So anyways. I have slowed down alot more than I want to and alot sooner than I thought I that has been an adjustment. We had a few "hiccups" over the past month & some, but baby and mommy are doing great so that is all we can ask for. So, I have been taking it easy...which is so hard because I have a hard time being still and focusing on one thing for an extended period of time. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband that is so sweet to me and is so helpful and understanding. I, excuse me....WE are SO thankful for him! My sister has been such a great support too in making sure her Baby Sis is doing the right thing and taking care of herself. My sister has always been such a wonderful, nurturing person and has ALWAYS taken care of and looked out for her Baby Sis...which is why she was always my "MamaSis" ;)

The nursery is almost done! We're just left with the hardest part (or the hardest part in my opinion)...hanging things! I am SO bad with placement and changing my mind. I am such a perfectionist, so I am praying this does not take us until January to do. We are going to start a project this weekend that I am excited and nervous about...we are going to attempt to make some frames. The large wooden ones that you see in boutiques for $$$ (ridiculously priced!!). We'll see how that goes! I'm creative and Jason is pretty handy, so I think it'll work out! I will post some pictures when we are done!

We had our Christmas and maternity photo session last Sunday. We used Catherine Mayo (who we were referred to by a friend) and are so excited to get them back! She has a great portfolio and I felt that her style was the best match for what I like. I did not want to do the traditional maternity pics, as I have been taking pics every 2-4 weeks of my i did not see any reason to do the traditional ones. However, during our session...we took some that focused on baby and then the rest were just "normal" photos of us :)

Jason and I are getting excited for next weekend! Mom and Dad Fill are going to be here!! We can't wait to see them! They will be coming down for our best friend's wedding (Wes and Merrick) that we are both in. Hopefully I will not look like a blimp...but if I do, it's ok...because we have a precious baby boy joining our little family:) I went through a rather big growth spurt over the past 2 weeks that is causing an issue with my bridesmaid dress...but I have a lady that is going to work magic on it for me! Thank goodness!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, October 1, 2010


We had so much fun in NYC! Wow at the walking one must do to get from point "a" to "b"! Hudson and I hung in there though!...Jason lost a little weight I believe, from all of the walking!

Here is a very brief summary of our trip: Friday and Saturday were spent going all around Manhattan: up and down Avenue of the Americas, 5th, and Madison :)...Times Square, Soho (had a great burger at a place called South Houston), Battery Park, Ground Zero...and more! Saturday night, we found the bar in Manhattan (Bar 515) where Auburn Alumni go to watch we went there to watch the game. It was so fun being around all of the orange and have to love familiarity! Sunday morning, we took a tour of several NBC studios...we saw: Dr. Oz's set, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, AND....the SNL set! (which I was so excited about!) We then went to Rockefeller Plaza to visit the Learning Plaza to see the Learning Styles area...Everything looked great! Sunday night we had dinner with work folks (Mac and Kim) at Carmine's and then went to see Sheryl Crow at Radio Music Hall with them. Brandi Carlyle was the opener and she was awesome! Loved her! We saw Mamma Mia on Broadway Monday night with Mac and Kim...we had a great time you guys, thank you again! Jason had work stuff Tuesday am, but we were able to grab lunch together before leaving for the airport. We at a wonderful, little French restaurant called "La Bonne Soup" was sooooo good!

We had such a great time and both enjoyed our first trip to NYC! I am still trying to figure out how people live there though....I seriously appreciate my car and the convenience it provides me:) I could never depend on walking and public transit to get me places (I get nauseated in cabs, haha!)....I am just an instant gratification kind of gal, that loves convenience:) Who could blame me?? ;)

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Bar 515...War Eagle!!

Education Nation

La Bonne Soupe

Delicious French Onion Soup

Croque Monsieur...the most delicious sandwich ever!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Hudson Update :)

I went to the doctor today for a routine visit...they just checked my blood pressure, weight, etc. I got to hear his precious, little heart beat...the rate was 156! So proud of our strong guy! We are so very aware of how blessed we are and we count our blessings everyday for this sweet angel:) My goodness, life is truly wonderful!

I have my sugar test at my next appointment, so lets all hope that goes well! I am sure it will be fine!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Hudson's Shower - Part 2...

Here are a few pictures from the shower! We had so much with everyone! The company was the best, the food was delicious, and everything looked so pretty!

The Hosts :)
Minus Nathan

The Precious Cake

The Food Table

The many thoughtful gifts for Hudson

Uncle Scoot, Auntie Amy, and Sweet Cousin Landry :)

Aunt PB :)

Grandma and Grandpa made an appearance! Thank you Mom and Dad Fill! You guys are the best and we love and miss you so much!

Baby Hudson's Shower :) - Part 1....

All I can say is that we always knew we had great friends and family, but this past Saturday really just reminded us how fortunate we are to be surrounded by so many wonderful people (family and friends). We want to thank our friends and family for hosting a wonderful shower in honor of us for Baby Hudson. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful day for us to spend with you and our other friends and family:)
  • Uncle Scoot, Auntie Amy, and Landrygirl: thank you so much for heading up the shower and putting so much time and effort into making the shower so special for us. "Hudsy" is going to love you guys so much!...just as we do:)
  • Aunt PB: thank you so much for everything and making the shower so wonderful! We appreciate all of your thoughtfulness...your little nephew is going to love his Aunt PB:) We love you!
  • Nathan and Amy: thank you so much for helping put on such a wonderful shower for us! You guys are & always have been such amazing friends to us and we love you guys so very much!
  • Wes and Mer: Thank you guys so much for helping host Baby Hudson's shower! We appreciate everything so, so much! We are so blessed to know you guys and have you both as friends! We love you Mr. and Mrs. Wilson!

I will post some pictures from the shower soon! (Hopefully tonight!) We appreciate everyone taking the time to make our day so special and are SO grateful for all of the wonderful and thoughtful gifts that were given to our sweet Hudson! Thank you to everyone...from the bottom of our hearts.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Shower: We are so excited for our shower coming up this Saturday! We have some great family & friends hosting it for us and we appreciate them doing this for us so very much! We are so excited to see everyone and are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!

House: We have had minimal interest (if any) here lately on the house. But we are ok with that now, because we are getting closer to Hudson's arrival and would be fine if we did not sell until next Spring or so. That old saying is true again....everything happens for a reason and when it is suppose to happen!

Nursery: Sweet baby has his changing table! We still have quite the list of things to get for Hudsy's room. I can't wait until everything starts coming together...I can't wait to see his little crib and bedding all put together! I have a few little projects in my head for us to do!! :) Thank goodness I have the sweetest husband, who never questions my creativity and decor:) We have gone back and forth about painting the nursery or not...but I think we will paint it maybe the end of Nov, early Decemberish? I am liking a pale blue for the's called Club Soda:) I had wanted to do stripes (all walls or maybe just one), but the bedding is striped so that would probably be too much!

Family: Baby Landry, Mommy, and Daddy are doing great! Baby girl is just growing and growing and is healthy! She will be 4 months old on the 28th:) I get to watch her online at Daycare, which is so fun! I love being able to peek in at her during the day. Mom and Dad Fill will be coming down in November for our friend's wedding (that we are both in...I will be 32 weeks the day of the wedding!) and then they will be back in December for Christmas! And then the next time we see them it will be for sweet Hudson's arrival! I am hoping that all of the little events and visits in the next few months will make things go by faster!

Travels: We are taking a belated Anniversary trip to NYC! Jason has a work thing at the end of our trip, but it is at Rockefeller Plaza so that will be fun and I can go out and about to the stores around there:)

Here is a link to the event (Education Nation) that is going on all week at Rockefeller:

Jason's company has partnered with one of the big sponsors of the event (University of Phoenix) to provide one of their products (SmarterMeasure). Rockefeller Center will have several different areas set up that cater to a specific learning style (verbal, solitary, etc) and UoP is providing several kiosks and a mobile version for the public to take SM (J's product) to determine their learning style and will suggest what area(s) they should visit in the learning plaza. He has been working so very hard on this (as well as everything else) and I am so very proud of him! Can't wait for us to get there and see how it all comes together!

Back to the play part of the trip: There is so much to do in NYC! I am just ready to finally go there! I have always wanted this is the 1st time! I may or may not return to AL...;) jk!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend! War Eagle!! and GO Trojans!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

We have been married for 1 wonderful year! Being married to Jason has been the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. How great to spend the rest of your life spending time with and loving your best friend! We really have a rare type of love and relationship that I am so thankful for to have found. And all I can think is how lucky our children are to have 2 parents that love each other so much and that will love them just as much. To me, life is all about love and giving and receiving as much of it as you can during our short time on this earth. Thank you sweet heart for being the wonderful man, friend, and husband you are to has been a wonderful year being your wife and I look forward to many, many more years with you:)

We had a wonderful anniversary day and dinner...we got our wedding cake and defrosted our surprise it was actually really, really good! For dinner, we made "Anniversary Shrimp and Grits". And let me tell you, I am a shrimp and grits connoisseur and they were the best I have ever tasted...from out of my kitchen or a restaurants! The recipe comes from the cookbook "Glorious Grits" which is written and compiled by a lady at work's sister, Susan M. McIntosh. The entire book is fabulous and so is this must try it!

Link to the recipe: Anniversary Shrimp and Grits

Here is our finished product:

Have a wonderful week!
J&E (and little H) :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


First of all, we are so thankful and happy to be:
1) able to conceive...
2) to carry a baby...
3) to carry a baby with a perfect, strong heartbeat (the most beautiful sound)...
4) that is healthy and is developing perfectly.

We are so blessed for this sweet angel that we love so much and we are so happy to be given the opportunity to name our son, Hudson Downey Fill.

To give you a break down of the name:
  • Hudson was a mutually liked and agreed upon name.

  • Downey is the last name of my sweet and dear grandparents that played such a huge role in my life and we chose it to carry the name on.

Then of course, the Fill last name is being carried on for another generation! The Fill's are very excited about this:)

Here are 2 photos of Mr. Hudson! More to come later!

Baby Hudson with his hands up by his head:)

Yes, Hudson is all boy! ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The stroller has arrived!

I doubt that most of you find this exciting, but we were seriously waiting by the door for the UPS truck to come last night!...I think we might have been his last stop!! This is an amazing stroller and I can't wait for us to push baby around in it! We might have pushed it around outside on the back patio! ;) What is neat about the stroller is that it comes with a bassinet, a regular seat, and has the option to add the "rumble seat" for a toddler while still using the regular seat or carrier attachment for a baby:)

We put the stroller in the baby's room last night and before I left for work...I went and peaked in at it:) It was so sweet to look in there and see the stroller, a precious diaper bag (thank you again Mom and Dad Fill!!), a framed picture of baby, and a precious pair of baby Auburn socks:) So our house is starting to get more and more ready for baby! :)

Baby Update: I have started feeling the baby!! and where it is located at times. By that I mean: when I am laying down in bed, I can feel something and I know that the baby has pushed itself out either to my left side or right (below my belly button). When the baby does that, it is so funny because the side that the baby is on is hard and sticks out and the other side is soft and I can press down easily. You can cup the little baby bulge in your is really amazing:)

The countdown is finally about to end! We go on Monday afternoon to find out if Baby Fill is a girl or boy!! We can't to finally know!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stroller!...and other things!

I never in this world thought that baby gear would be so fun and exciting! We made a few purchases this weekend that we are so excited about!

#1: Our UppaBaby Stroller!

We found it for a great price and can't wait to get it in! What we love the most about it is that it has an attachment for the front that allows 2 children to ride at the same time! Don't worry, I am not jumping the gun on Baby #2!, but we would like our children to be close in age, so this stroller was a great fit! Oh and FYI, it is looks kind of white in the photo. Our sweet friends John and Reagan (who have a precious Baby Boy that just smiles for days!!) have this stroller in black, so that is where we first fell in love with it:)

#2: Changing Table

We bought a simple white changing table for baby. I am changing out the drawer knobs to the bunny ones that I mentioned in a previous blog and I bought a great, inexpensive round glass knob for the cabinet door from AtHome in Homewood. LOVE that store!

We went to a wedding Saturday night and it was just gorgeous and so much fun!...Congrats Lindsay and Justin! The reception was at B&A and the food was to die for! They had a grits bar that was delicious (I put cheese and caramelized onions in mine...yum!...oh and made friends with the server, her name was Gail, as I frequented that station a few times), a Nacho Bar where you chose a bag of Frito's or Nacho Dorrito's and the server put the taco meat and cheese IN THE BAG and then you topped it off with whatever toppings you wanted, a Lo Mein Noodle Bar that you could add goodies to, served in a cute little take out box, mini cheeseburgers + toppings, A Little Debbie Assortment in place of a groom's cake, and MORE! It was truly a pregnant woman's dream! :)

Lastly, ONE WEEK from today we will find out if our Angel Baby is a boy or girl! And as you all know...we are SO excited to find out!

Have a great week!

Love, Jason and Emily

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Baby's Nursery

For most that know me well, they know that I am a big time planner. I love doing it! I love lists, spreadsheets, Google Docs to save images, my bookmarks of sites etc. When we got engaged, I had all of the big decisions made within in two weeks and had only small items left to do. Well...the baby's nursery is planned! Yes, completely! I have everything picked out for a boy and a girl...I just need for Aug. 23rd to get here so I can get my pink or blue stuff ordered:) I also know exactly what we will be registering for, so my sweet husband should thank me as it will be a breeze for us! Yes, I have the sweetest husband that is willing to go with me to register:)

The baby's furniture is going to be white and while just browsing on Pottery Barn Kids, I happen to run across these adorable knobs for the changing table! I think they will be just fine and adorable in a boy's or girl's room. I love classic, vintage i of course fell in love with these!

I have several posts and pictures that I want to put on here, but I always seem to forget to do so! We went to the beach with my sister, Scooter, Landry, and Scooter's family and had the BEST time! Orange Beach is just as beautiful and perfect as it always has been!

I also have some tummy pictures that I need to share! I hit a little growth spurt in the past few days and let me tell you, I love it:) I never thought I would say this, but I love being pregnant. I love everything about it, but most of all I love that at the end of this journey, I am going to be a Mother. I can't imagine a greater joy in life than to be able to be a mother with an amazing man that I love, who is going to be a wonderful father. We are so blessed and I could not imagine a greater happiness.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy 2 Month's Little Landry!

It is so funny to think that just two months ago, we were all anticipating this little angel's arrival! She is even more precious and perfect than anyone could have imagined:) My sister has done an incredible job during her first 2 months of being a Mommy...Landry is one lucky little lady to have such a wonderful Mommy. I am so impressed with how strong and dedicated my sister has been through the many changes and transitions that a new baby can bring and I hope that come January, I will be able to do just the same. Scooter is a wonderful Dad, who is already completely wrapped around her itty, bitty finger! I am really happy that he could be the father to my niece...again, she is very blessed to have another wonderful parent.
Jason and I absolutely love this little girl and have enjoyed getting to know her and have loved having the time to bond with her. Landry is the first baby that Jason has really been around, so she is being a great little teacher to him. I am so glad she is here to try and help him prepare for her little cousin that will be here in January.
Little Landry...we love you so much and are so happy that you here on this Earth for all of us to love:)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cutest Things Ever

So, I have always loved little kid plates and cups, etc. Don't ask me why, but they were always so fun as a child and I always loved eating with silver Big Bird fork and spoon and out of my Cookie Monster bowl:) Well, after I found out I was expecting I was in Old Time Pottery and saw the cutest little plates for children! Here's Baby Fill's first gift that Mommy bought:
We were in Auburn this weekend and I had to buy these precious little socks! War Eagle! (the photo is sideways, but oh well!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Landry :)

This is probably my favorite picture so far!! Just look at those rolls! She is such a big girl already! Can't believe that she is sitting up so well already to not even be 2 months old yet! She is such a funny and sweet little girl. She definitely has her Mommy and Aunt Emmy's (especially me) spunk in her...she is quite opinionated and head strong already!! I sure do love my Landry girl :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blue or Pink?

What will Baby Fill be?...a Boy or Girl? Pretty much everyone has voted that Baby Fill is a little girl. I have not really been certain either way, but I have been more apt to look at girl items. At this point, if Baby Fill is a girl she has a nursery already planned out in my head. We have had 2 people say that it is a of those two people is a very sweet lady that works with my sister. She has a 100% accurate prediction record over her years and did I mention she predicted my little niece?? So that throws me off a little!

I am the most picky person when it comes to clothes and decor and because of this: I can not find any bedding for a boy that I am in love with. I have looked all over my favorite sites: Layla Grace , Baby Box , Rosenberry Rooms , and a few others, but have not fallen in love with anything. But I have a little more time;) FYI: if you are not familiar with my favorite sites, you must get acquainted!

We should find out if Baby Fill is a girl or boy on August 25th! We can't wait!

Monday, July 5, 2010


In my previous post I talked about great and yummy food that are perfect for the 4th...well we had 2 out of the 3: hot-dogs and homemade ice-cream! Plus some delicious and oh so bad for you peach dump cake!

Our Vanilla Ice-Cream made with my Meme's special Vanilla :)
It tasted just like hers! :)
Peach Dump sweet, but so good!

All you need for the peach dump cake is 3 regular sized cans of peaches. I use 1 can of peaches in Heavy Syrup and 2 cans of peaches in Light Syrup (1 drained of liquid). Dump the peaches in a 9x13 baking dish, cover with (dry) plain yellow cake mix, dot with small squares of (stick) butter all along the top, and lastly sprinkle with a little cinnamon. Bake at 350 for 30 min. It should look the picture above when it is ready! * TIP:do not use light butter, it just does not work like it should.

Finished Products :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

We are having a BABY!

We are SO excited and SO happy to be sharing this wonderful news!!! Our little blessing should arrive on or around January 22, 2011! We feel so blessed and so lucky! We are ready for January to get here!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

There is nothing that you reminds you of summer and the 4th more than:




Homemade Icecream!

Those are three of my favorite things! My Meme made the best homemade icecream! I actually do not really like icecream unless it is homemade...and don't tell me to buy Blue is not the same!

We did have plans for this holiday, but sadly they did not work out. We were suppose to go to Michigan for a wedding for one of Jason's good friends (Congratulations Todd and Kortne! Wish we could have been there for your big day!) and were going to spend a little time with Mom and Dad Fill at the cottage. But everything happens for a reason I suppose.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday! Too bad the oil (BP) has ruined our truely has taken so much away from all of the people that live there and those that do not, but who had spent many summers and weekends on those beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Hopefully a resolution is in the near future. Lets pray for all of those who have been adversely effected by this catastrophe.


Jason & Emily

Monday, May 31, 2010

Life is Good

It truly, truly is! Our little niece, Landry Kate Crutcher, was born last Friday, May 28th at 12:23 pm. She was 7lbs, 7oz and 20.5 inches long....most importantly she is healthy and perfect in every single way. My sister did an amazing job and is also doing well! I am so proud of her and am so happy for the new Mommy and Daddy. I really can't express how happy I am for them. Landry is so beautiful and I love her more than anything. To me, this is what life is all about....the happiness that real and true love simply can't ask for anything better or more. The amount of happiness and love that sweet Landry has brought with her into this world is an amazing thing.

The picture above is my favorite so far! It seriously makes me smile, laugh, and tear up all at the same time....yes it is possible! I smile because she is so absolutely beautiful to me, I laugh because she has the most precious little arms that she likes to keep up by her head and that little hat adds a little humor to it!!, and I tear up because I love her so very much. I am one proud Aunt Emmy!...or Auntie Ems! And Uncle J is pretty proud too! Take a look at this photo;) .....

Landry is coming home today! She will be wearing the same dress that my sister and I both wore when we were brought home:) More pictures to come!

Emily and Jason