Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some news!

Well...this may be sad news to some, it is also good news for others. Jason and I have decided that after we sell our house, we will be moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Atfter much consideration, we determined that this move was the best for us and was also what we ultimately wanted. As of right now, we have no time how ever long it takes to sell our house is how long we will be here. Luckily, Jason is able to keep his job (he can work anywhere that has an internet connection) that is great!

I am really excited about this new chapter in our lives and am interested to see how a little southerner adjusts "up north" ;). Good thing be so small, I am really hot natured! So I think the cold will be an adjustment, but I think I can handle that part! I will definitely keep everyone posted after we've moved. But until then, we will be here! We are really excited about this transition and are looking forward to it!

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  1. Like I told you on the phone, I am really excited for your new adventure! It gives me one more place to go visit! :)