Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We're back!....

Well....I had every intention of writing a few blogs over the past couple of months, but I always like to include pictures with them. However, our computer stopped reading my camera's memory card SO it took us forever to get to the store to buy a card reader! We just got one and I was all ready to create a few posts BUT I can't find the memory card! We bought a new one on the way to the airport to go to Cancun and where we put the old one....I HAVE NO CLUE! I am so very sad by this and hope that we will find it soon! We do have the new one though and it has the photos from Jason's Birthday trip to Cancun and his surprise Birthday dinner with friends!! those are coming!

But here are just a few little updates:
  • Jason turned 30 on 2/28 and we went to Cancun to celebrate it with Mom and Dad Fill! We had a great time and I will post some pics soon! I planned a surprise birthday dinner when we got back with all of our friends!
  • My sister and the baby are doing really well! They decided on the name, Landry Kate Crutcher (not a double name). Sweet Landry already has a closet FULL of clothes! I can't wait to meet her and hold her!!
  • The house is still on the market...but that's ok because we do not have to sell, we just WANT to sell! I am beginning to think that the "wanting urge" is greater than the need to urge! So if you know anyone, send them our way!
  • We sold my Honda (in 3 days on Craiglist...CL is the best!) and bought an AWD SUV (Volvo XC90) for our move to Michigan! Me driving the Honda up there would not have worked very well. I have every intention of taking driving lessons for driving in snow and ice from Jason, Dad Fill, or anyone that is willing to risk their life;) Just kidding, but I am from ALABAMA and we have NO IDEA how to handle those conditions! After all, we shut everything down for an inch of snow :), which is something I love and am use to! So when we're up north and the snow starts, I am going to have to remind myself that NOTHING will shut down!
  • Jason just started playing softball this week. He, my brother in-law, and several of their friends and old fraternity brothers are playing in a league together. They had their first game last night and it was a close one! They lost by 1 score 11-10. :( I had my first experience of keeping the scorebook and boy was that a mess! I re-started a new page 3 times! But I finally figured it out!...I think. I will do better next time or will just hand it over to someone else because you can't talk to ANYONE or even cheer while you do it (or at least I couldn't)! Haha:) I found myself chatting with my sister and getting caught up in cheering the team on and I'd lose track of what I was suppose to be recording!

That is all I can think of for right now! Have a great day!


Jason and Emily

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  1. Sounds like you've had a lot going on! I love Landry Kate! I can't wait to meet her! Encourage your sis and Scooter to blog more often! :) Love you!!