Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Up to this point...

Things are about the same...I always find myself writing about all of the happy and great stuff in our lives, but I never seem to cover the stressors too much. Don't get me wrong, we are blessed beyond belief and are so appreciative of everything we have, especially having each other. :)

With that being said...We are still waiting and waiting for a buyer. We have some major competition that we are still trying to compete with: 1) the bad economy & 2) a new construction neighborhood. The 2 play hand in hand obviously. From the time that we built our home until now, the ballgame of pricing and what things are selling for have changed quite a bit. Our neighborhood is about to expand by an additional 75 new lots in the coming months, so if we are still residents of James Hill at that point...well, you can say our hopes of selling will be quite low. Everyone keeps telling us that we will sell when we are "meant to sell"....and I completely agree and understand that notion, but boy is it hard to be at peace/ease with that. We started out in this process not caring if and when we sold, because we had no idea it would be so challanging as the neighborhood continued to flourish ( seemed like all other areas were dead, but Signature kept pushing on). But as the months have gone by, we have had little bundles of surprises come to light to prove time and time again otherwise. So yes, it will happen when it is intended to happen...lets all just hope sooner than later! The hardest thing for me has been trying to stop planning and anticipating our future so much (for ex: wanting to sell and move so badly) and just enjoy each and every day....after all, every single day quickly becomes a memory in a life that is just too short!

So there's my little venting session for the day! And if you know anyone looking for a cute-little house, we are looking for some takers! ;)

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