Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy 2 Month's Little Landry!

It is so funny to think that just two months ago, we were all anticipating this little angel's arrival! She is even more precious and perfect than anyone could have imagined:) My sister has done an incredible job during her first 2 months of being a Mommy...Landry is one lucky little lady to have such a wonderful Mommy. I am so impressed with how strong and dedicated my sister has been through the many changes and transitions that a new baby can bring and I hope that come January, I will be able to do just the same. Scooter is a wonderful Dad, who is already completely wrapped around her itty, bitty finger! I am really happy that he could be the father to my niece...again, she is very blessed to have another wonderful parent.
Jason and I absolutely love this little girl and have enjoyed getting to know her and have loved having the time to bond with her. Landry is the first baby that Jason has really been around, so she is being a great little teacher to him. I am so glad she is here to try and help him prepare for her little cousin that will be here in January.
Little Landry...we love you so much and are so happy that you here on this Earth for all of us to love:)

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