Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

We have been married for 1 wonderful year! Being married to Jason has been the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. How great to spend the rest of your life spending time with and loving your best friend! We really have a rare type of love and relationship that I am so thankful for to have found. And all I can think is how lucky our children are to have 2 parents that love each other so much and that will love them just as much. To me, life is all about love and giving and receiving as much of it as you can during our short time on this earth. Thank you sweet heart for being the wonderful man, friend, and husband you are to me...it has been a wonderful year being your wife and I look forward to many, many more years with you:)

We had a wonderful anniversary day and dinner...we got our wedding cake and defrosted it....to our surprise it was actually really, really good! For dinner, we made "Anniversary Shrimp and Grits". And let me tell you, I am a shrimp and grits connoisseur and they were the best I have ever tasted...from out of my kitchen or a restaurants! The recipe comes from the cookbook "Glorious Grits" which is written and compiled by a lady at work's sister, Susan M. McIntosh. The entire book is fabulous and so is this recipe...you must try it!

Link to the recipe: Anniversary Shrimp and Grits

Here is our finished product:

Have a wonderful week!
J&E (and little H) :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


First of all, we are so thankful and happy to be:
1) able to conceive...
2) to carry a baby...
3) to carry a baby with a perfect, strong heartbeat (the most beautiful sound)...
4) that is healthy and is developing perfectly.

We are so blessed for this sweet angel that we love so much and we are so happy to be given the opportunity to name our son, Hudson Downey Fill.

To give you a break down of the name:
  • Hudson was a mutually liked and agreed upon name.

  • Downey is the last name of my sweet and dear grandparents that played such a huge role in my life and we chose it to carry the name on.

Then of course, the Fill last name is being carried on for another generation! The Fill's are very excited about this:)

Here are 2 photos of Mr. Hudson! More to come later!

Baby Hudson with his hands up by his head:)

Yes, Hudson is all boy! ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The stroller has arrived!

I doubt that most of you find this exciting, but we were seriously waiting by the door for the UPS truck to come last night!...I think we might have been his last stop!! This is an amazing stroller and I can't wait for us to push baby around in it! We might have pushed it around outside on the back patio! ;) What is neat about the stroller is that it comes with a bassinet, a regular seat, and has the option to add the "rumble seat" for a toddler while still using the regular seat or carrier attachment for a baby:)

We put the stroller in the baby's room last night and before I left for work...I went and peaked in at it:) It was so sweet to look in there and see the stroller, a precious diaper bag (thank you again Mom and Dad Fill!!), a framed picture of baby, and a precious pair of baby Auburn socks:) So our house is starting to get more and more ready for baby! :)

Baby Update: I have started feeling the baby!! and where it is located at times. By that I mean: when I am laying down in bed, I can feel something and I know that the baby has pushed itself out either to my left side or right (below my belly button). When the baby does that, it is so funny because the side that the baby is on is hard and sticks out and the other side is soft and I can press down easily. You can cup the little baby bulge in your hand...it is really amazing:)

The countdown is finally about to end! We go on Monday afternoon to find out if Baby Fill is a girl or boy!! We can't to finally know!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stroller!...and other things!

I never in this world thought that baby gear would be so fun and exciting! We made a few purchases this weekend that we are so excited about!

#1: Our UppaBaby Stroller!

We found it for a great price and can't wait to get it in! What we love the most about it is that it has an attachment for the front that allows 2 children to ride at the same time! Don't worry, I am not jumping the gun on Baby #2!, but we would like our children to be close in age, so this stroller was a great fit! Oh and FYI, it is grey...it looks kind of white in the photo. Our sweet friends John and Reagan (who have a precious Baby Boy that just smiles for days!!) have this stroller in black, so that is where we first fell in love with it:)

#2: Changing Table

We bought a simple white changing table for baby. I am changing out the drawer knobs to the bunny ones that I mentioned in a previous blog and I bought a great, inexpensive round glass knob for the cabinet door from AtHome in Homewood. LOVE that store!

We went to a wedding Saturday night and it was just gorgeous and so much fun!...Congrats Lindsay and Justin! The reception was at B&A and the food was to die for! They had a grits bar that was delicious (I put cheese and caramelized onions in mine...yum!...oh and made friends with the server, her name was Gail, as I frequented that station a few times), a Nacho Bar where you chose a bag of Frito's or Nacho Dorrito's and the server put the taco meat and cheese IN THE BAG and then you topped it off with whatever toppings you wanted, a Lo Mein Noodle Bar that you could add goodies to, served in a cute little take out box, mini cheeseburgers + toppings, A Little Debbie Assortment in place of a groom's cake, and MORE! It was truly a pregnant woman's dream! :)

Lastly, ONE WEEK from today we will find out if our Angel Baby is a boy or girl! And as you all know...we are SO excited to find out!

Have a great week!

Love, Jason and Emily

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Baby's Nursery

For most that know me well, they know that I am a planner...like big time planner. I love doing it! I love lists, spreadsheets, Google Docs to save images, my bookmarks of sites etc. When we got engaged, I had all of the big decisions made within in two weeks and had only small items left to do. Well...the baby's nursery is planned! Yes, completely! I have everything picked out for a boy and a girl...I just need for Aug. 23rd to get here so I can get my pink or blue stuff ordered:) I also know exactly what we will be registering for, so my sweet husband should thank me as it will be a breeze for us! Yes, I have the sweetest husband that is willing to go with me to register:)

The baby's furniture is going to be white and while just browsing on Pottery Barn Kids, I happen to run across these adorable knobs for the changing table! I think they will be just fine and adorable in a boy's or girl's room. I love classic, vintage things...so i of course fell in love with these!

I have several posts and pictures that I want to put on here, but I always seem to forget to do so! We went to the beach with my sister, Scooter, Landry, and Scooter's family and had the BEST time! Orange Beach is just as beautiful and perfect as it always has been!

I also have some tummy pictures that I need to share! I hit a little growth spurt in the past few days and let me tell you, I love it:) I never thought I would say this, but I love being pregnant. I love everything about it, but most of all I love that at the end of this journey, I am going to be a Mother. I can't imagine a greater joy in life than to be able to be a mother with an amazing man that I love, who is going to be a wonderful father. We are so blessed and I could not imagine a greater happiness.