Friday, August 20, 2010

The stroller has arrived!

I doubt that most of you find this exciting, but we were seriously waiting by the door for the UPS truck to come last night!...I think we might have been his last stop!! This is an amazing stroller and I can't wait for us to push baby around in it! We might have pushed it around outside on the back patio! ;) What is neat about the stroller is that it comes with a bassinet, a regular seat, and has the option to add the "rumble seat" for a toddler while still using the regular seat or carrier attachment for a baby:)

We put the stroller in the baby's room last night and before I left for work...I went and peaked in at it:) It was so sweet to look in there and see the stroller, a precious diaper bag (thank you again Mom and Dad Fill!!), a framed picture of baby, and a precious pair of baby Auburn socks:) So our house is starting to get more and more ready for baby! :)

Baby Update: I have started feeling the baby!! and where it is located at times. By that I mean: when I am laying down in bed, I can feel something and I know that the baby has pushed itself out either to my left side or right (below my belly button). When the baby does that, it is so funny because the side that the baby is on is hard and sticks out and the other side is soft and I can press down easily. You can cup the little baby bulge in your is really amazing:)

The countdown is finally about to end! We go on Monday afternoon to find out if Baby Fill is a girl or boy!! We can't to finally know!

Have a great weekend!

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