Monday, August 16, 2010

Stroller!...and other things!

I never in this world thought that baby gear would be so fun and exciting! We made a few purchases this weekend that we are so excited about!

#1: Our UppaBaby Stroller!

We found it for a great price and can't wait to get it in! What we love the most about it is that it has an attachment for the front that allows 2 children to ride at the same time! Don't worry, I am not jumping the gun on Baby #2!, but we would like our children to be close in age, so this stroller was a great fit! Oh and FYI, it is looks kind of white in the photo. Our sweet friends John and Reagan (who have a precious Baby Boy that just smiles for days!!) have this stroller in black, so that is where we first fell in love with it:)

#2: Changing Table

We bought a simple white changing table for baby. I am changing out the drawer knobs to the bunny ones that I mentioned in a previous blog and I bought a great, inexpensive round glass knob for the cabinet door from AtHome in Homewood. LOVE that store!

We went to a wedding Saturday night and it was just gorgeous and so much fun!...Congrats Lindsay and Justin! The reception was at B&A and the food was to die for! They had a grits bar that was delicious (I put cheese and caramelized onions in mine...yum!...oh and made friends with the server, her name was Gail, as I frequented that station a few times), a Nacho Bar where you chose a bag of Frito's or Nacho Dorrito's and the server put the taco meat and cheese IN THE BAG and then you topped it off with whatever toppings you wanted, a Lo Mein Noodle Bar that you could add goodies to, served in a cute little take out box, mini cheeseburgers + toppings, A Little Debbie Assortment in place of a groom's cake, and MORE! It was truly a pregnant woman's dream! :)

Lastly, ONE WEEK from today we will find out if our Angel Baby is a boy or girl! And as you all know...we are SO excited to find out!

Have a great week!

Love, Jason and Emily

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