Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Shower: We are so excited for our shower coming up this Saturday! We have some great family & friends hosting it for us and we appreciate them doing this for us so very much! We are so excited to see everyone and are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!

House: We have had minimal interest (if any) here lately on the house. But we are ok with that now, because we are getting closer to Hudson's arrival and would be fine if we did not sell until next Spring or so. That old saying is true again....everything happens for a reason and when it is suppose to happen!

Nursery: Sweet baby has his changing table! We still have quite the list of things to get for Hudsy's room. I can't wait until everything starts coming together...I can't wait to see his little crib and bedding all put together! I have a few little projects in my head for us to do!! :) Thank goodness I have the sweetest husband, who never questions my creativity and decor:) We have gone back and forth about painting the nursery or not...but I think we will paint it maybe the end of Nov, early Decemberish? I am liking a pale blue for the's called Club Soda:) I had wanted to do stripes (all walls or maybe just one), but the bedding is striped so that would probably be too much!

Family: Baby Landry, Mommy, and Daddy are doing great! Baby girl is just growing and growing and is healthy! She will be 4 months old on the 28th:) I get to watch her online at Daycare, which is so fun! I love being able to peek in at her during the day. Mom and Dad Fill will be coming down in November for our friend's wedding (that we are both in...I will be 32 weeks the day of the wedding!) and then they will be back in December for Christmas! And then the next time we see them it will be for sweet Hudson's arrival! I am hoping that all of the little events and visits in the next few months will make things go by faster!

Travels: We are taking a belated Anniversary trip to NYC! Jason has a work thing at the end of our trip, but it is at Rockefeller Plaza so that will be fun and I can go out and about to the stores around there:)

Here is a link to the event (Education Nation) that is going on all week at Rockefeller:

Jason's company has partnered with one of the big sponsors of the event (University of Phoenix) to provide one of their products (SmarterMeasure). Rockefeller Center will have several different areas set up that cater to a specific learning style (verbal, solitary, etc) and UoP is providing several kiosks and a mobile version for the public to take SM (J's product) to determine their learning style and will suggest what area(s) they should visit in the learning plaza. He has been working so very hard on this (as well as everything else) and I am so very proud of him! Can't wait for us to get there and see how it all comes together!

Back to the play part of the trip: There is so much to do in NYC! I am just ready to finally go there! I have always wanted this is the 1st time! I may or may not return to AL...;) jk!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend! War Eagle!! and GO Trojans!!

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