Friday, October 1, 2010


We had so much fun in NYC! Wow at the walking one must do to get from point "a" to "b"! Hudson and I hung in there though!...Jason lost a little weight I believe, from all of the walking!

Here is a very brief summary of our trip: Friday and Saturday were spent going all around Manhattan: up and down Avenue of the Americas, 5th, and Madison :)...Times Square, Soho (had a great burger at a place called South Houston), Battery Park, Ground Zero...and more! Saturday night, we found the bar in Manhattan (Bar 515) where Auburn Alumni go to watch we went there to watch the game. It was so fun being around all of the orange and have to love familiarity! Sunday morning, we took a tour of several NBC studios...we saw: Dr. Oz's set, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, AND....the SNL set! (which I was so excited about!) We then went to Rockefeller Plaza to visit the Learning Plaza to see the Learning Styles area...Everything looked great! Sunday night we had dinner with work folks (Mac and Kim) at Carmine's and then went to see Sheryl Crow at Radio Music Hall with them. Brandi Carlyle was the opener and she was awesome! Loved her! We saw Mamma Mia on Broadway Monday night with Mac and Kim...we had a great time you guys, thank you again! Jason had work stuff Tuesday am, but we were able to grab lunch together before leaving for the airport. We at a wonderful, little French restaurant called "La Bonne Soup" was sooooo good!

We had such a great time and both enjoyed our first trip to NYC! I am still trying to figure out how people live there though....I seriously appreciate my car and the convenience it provides me:) I could never depend on walking and public transit to get me places (I get nauseated in cabs, haha!)....I am just an instant gratification kind of gal, that loves convenience:) Who could blame me?? ;)

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Bar 515...War Eagle!!

Education Nation

La Bonne Soupe

Delicious French Onion Soup

Croque Monsieur...the most delicious sandwich ever!

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