Saturday, November 27, 2010

Busy Week!

We sure have had a busy week! Two of our best friends got married on the 20th (Congratulations Wes and Mer!) and J and I were both in the wedding. Sadly I did not take a camera, but I will post one of us when their photographer posts a few! Grandma and Grandpa Fill came down for the wedding and spent a few days with us...we all had a great time at the wedding!

We had a 4-D re-check last Tuesday to hopefully get some better photos of baby Hudson and WE DID! The first time we went, I had some sweet tea before the u/s, but that did not this last time I ate a huge piece of cinnamon sugar coffee cake that was WAY TOO sweet and it did the trick! Here are a few images of our sweet angel :)
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sister's! Scooter's parents and grandparents from Montgomery came up too and there was so much good food! We also celebrated sweet Landry's 1/2 Birthday!
Sweet girl spent the night with us Thursday night so Mommy and Daddy could go to Tuscaloosa for the Iron Bowl. We had so much fun playing Mommy and Daddy! She gave us some good practice and Jason is definitely a pro now :) He is more than ready for Baby Hudson! It was so sweet to watch him with her...he is going to be a wonderful father that Hudson is so lucky to have. Landry was a little fussy because she is teething and just did not want to go to sleep on her own in the crib, so we tried going back and forth from the bed to the crib 1k times...well she ended up falling asleep in Uncle J's arms and he just put her in the middle of us to keep her from waking up and crying again. He did such a great job!! I am so proud to have such a wonderful and loving husband! Sweet girl loves her Uncle J too! I will post some pics later of our Landry play date!

To all of the Auburn fans out there WAR EAGLE!!!! What an awesome game! I am so proud of those Tigers!! Poor Jason is in bed sick with a stomach virus...I hate seeing him sick:( He is so pitiful! I hope he gets better soon and I pray Hudson and I do not get it! :(

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Paisley Peacock!

I have a sweet, sweet friend (Beth) who is so good at monogramming and appliques and I had to share her blog with you! Her stuff is SO cute and very affordable! You can take items to her or she has some items available (clothing, burp cloths, etc). Go to her new blog and look at all of her cute stuff!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Makes My Day!

My sweet and precious husband just sent me this picture that he was tagged in on Facebook :) And it just MADE MY DAY! This photo is of Jason in 1996 as a highschool sophomore and it just makes my heart smile! I told Jason to imagine a little, skinny 3rd grader standing next to him and he quickly told me to hush!...FYI: I would be that little 3rd grader!!! :) Haha!
I love any and all photos of him...birth until present day....they just make me smile SO MUCH! Anyways, this picture made me think of how one day our little Hudson is going to be a big boy and it is just so exciting! I can't wait to see what he is interested in...we're pushing golf like Daddy:) I pray he gets his father's coordination, as I have ZERO to offer him ;)
And in case you could not tell...that is my golfer front and center :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Busy, Busy!

Oh has been a while! I actually have written some posts and was suppose to add pictures to them to finish it....BUT that never happened!

Things are going great with us! We are staying busy. Baby Hudson is doing so good! He is just growing and growing...which means I am too :) I am currently 29 weeks along....will be 30 weeks this Saturday:) It is just so crazy and so amazing to think that he will be here in just a few more weeks. I hit a huge growth spurt in the last 2 weeks and I mean a BIG one. I won't go into numbers, but everyone around me has noticed it too and reminds me frequently. Even strangers have asked if I am expecting twins...or are shocked beyond comprehension that I am due in January. Those close to me have reminded me that I am still so tiny (in frame) that this big beach ball has no where to go but out. So anyways. I have slowed down alot more than I want to and alot sooner than I thought I that has been an adjustment. We had a few "hiccups" over the past month & some, but baby and mommy are doing great so that is all we can ask for. So, I have been taking it easy...which is so hard because I have a hard time being still and focusing on one thing for an extended period of time. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband that is so sweet to me and is so helpful and understanding. I, excuse me....WE are SO thankful for him! My sister has been such a great support too in making sure her Baby Sis is doing the right thing and taking care of herself. My sister has always been such a wonderful, nurturing person and has ALWAYS taken care of and looked out for her Baby Sis...which is why she was always my "MamaSis" ;)

The nursery is almost done! We're just left with the hardest part (or the hardest part in my opinion)...hanging things! I am SO bad with placement and changing my mind. I am such a perfectionist, so I am praying this does not take us until January to do. We are going to start a project this weekend that I am excited and nervous about...we are going to attempt to make some frames. The large wooden ones that you see in boutiques for $$$ (ridiculously priced!!). We'll see how that goes! I'm creative and Jason is pretty handy, so I think it'll work out! I will post some pictures when we are done!

We had our Christmas and maternity photo session last Sunday. We used Catherine Mayo (who we were referred to by a friend) and are so excited to get them back! She has a great portfolio and I felt that her style was the best match for what I like. I did not want to do the traditional maternity pics, as I have been taking pics every 2-4 weeks of my i did not see any reason to do the traditional ones. However, during our session...we took some that focused on baby and then the rest were just "normal" photos of us :)

Jason and I are getting excited for next weekend! Mom and Dad Fill are going to be here!! We can't wait to see them! They will be coming down for our best friend's wedding (Wes and Merrick) that we are both in. Hopefully I will not look like a blimp...but if I do, it's ok...because we have a precious baby boy joining our little family:) I went through a rather big growth spurt over the past 2 weeks that is causing an issue with my bridesmaid dress...but I have a lady that is going to work magic on it for me! Thank goodness!

Hope everyone is having a great week!