Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Makes My Day!

My sweet and precious husband just sent me this picture that he was tagged in on Facebook :) And it just MADE MY DAY! This photo is of Jason in 1996 as a highschool sophomore and it just makes my heart smile! I told Jason to imagine a little, skinny 3rd grader standing next to him and he quickly told me to hush!...FYI: I would be that little 3rd grader!!! :) Haha!
I love any and all photos of him...birth until present day....they just make me smile SO MUCH! Anyways, this picture made me think of how one day our little Hudson is going to be a big boy and it is just so exciting! I can't wait to see what he is interested in...we're pushing golf like Daddy:) I pray he gets his father's coordination, as I have ZERO to offer him ;)
And in case you could not tell...that is my golfer front and center :)

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  1. That's mine and Stephen's age difference, and I think it works out perfectly! Hope you are both doing well!!