Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Week!

We successfully made it through another week! I went to the doctor on Monday and there has been no change, which is wonderful news! I will go back tomorrow for my 36 week visit. One thing different though is baby's movement. Up until Monday afternoon, Hudson had been SO active! I don't mean a kick here and there...I mean crazy movement 24/7. Well that all changed, as he now is just calm and hanging out quietly. I feel him move every now and then, but no where near to what he was doing. Finally slowing down or quiet before the storm?? I sure wish I had a crystal ball!

Monday was my late grandmother, Mary Ann's birthday. My goodness I miss her so much. She was my absolute world and I wish she would have been given more time on this earth with us. My Granny loved Christmas and one of my favorite memories from my childhood was spending Christmas at her house. She always wore festive Christmas clothes, as most Grandma's do;) She had two special turtle necks that I remember the most: one black with red poinsettias and one red gingham with holly berries. I decided to have a special Christmas memory bear made out of her red shirt for Landry's first Christmas and also one for Hudson. I found a lady on Etsy to make a small bear out of a red and white polka dot fabric and she then made a little shirt for the bear out of Granny's shirt (I couldn't bring myself to have the whole shirt cut). They turned out just perfect! I named them Mary (Merry) Bear :) So now, they each have their own MaryBear for Christmas. She was such an angel and I miss her so very much.

We had a wonderful Christmas! Lots of gifts for everyone! Even some for sweet baby Hudsy:) We are so very blessed for all that we have and to be apart of such a loving family. I started getting sick on Thursday and it has lasted until today...but I am soooo much better than I was! I sadly passed it on to Jason and Stacey :( Mom and Dad Fill are still holding strong! And how about this snow?? Who would have ever thought Alabama would have a white Christmas?!?

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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