Monday, December 13, 2010


I know I have been "nesting" throughout this entire pregnancy. I have become overly obsessed with to-do lists and heaven forbid something be out of place or look cluttered! I have had to take a step back a few times and just tell myself to stop obsessing over every detail and RELAX! So far, that has worked...well maybe 90% or a little less of the time. Well, since our little event that occurred last Wednesday, I am seriously in overdrive!

Why?? I have this major goal or yearning I should say to have everything DONE and in its place before our little guy arrives! My sweet Jason worked his tail off over the weekend on the nursery and we only have a few small things left to do. We rushed to Buy Buy Baby Friday night to pick up some last minute necessities for baby Hudson. My yearning to have everything in its correct place is even making me so very ready to take down the Christmas decor inside! Which is crazy, I know! I LOVE the Christmas season so much and I always have so much fun decorating everything....but honestly the tree has lights and a ornaments...and I am ok with that. There is garland on the mantle and a few festive items here and there, but that's you would think I would not sit and stare at the few items and count the days until they can come down! Nesting or neurotic?? Perhaps both! All I know is that there are times when I begin to question my sanity and rationalization skills! My sister assured me that this was all normal...but also to get ready for the mother of all ups and downs after baby arrives. Given that I am an emotional person not pregnant, I am a little nervous about it. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who is my very best friend that will hold my hand through it he has done for the past 34 weeks of this pregnancy...well actually since the day we met. Hudson and I are so blessed:)

Jason felt the tree was lacking something so he went out and bought some candy canes for it :) However, given his love for all things sweet, I believe he bought them to enjoy eating them while working. I must say he placed all of the candy canes quite well on the tree yesterday....but today there are some serious gaps! ;)

We knew prior to last Wed that baby would be here soon and that this was all really happening...but now that he could be here at any moment over the next couple of weeks has really made things so real. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, especially our little boy. After all, it does not matter if the garland is still up or if the throw pillows are in their correct place....we just hope and pray for a healthy little boy...that is the ONLY true thing that matters. Thank you to everyone who has been so sweet to offer to help us out and who are thinking of us, we appreciate all of our wonderful family and friends so much! If you are still reading this novel of a post, I am most proud! I did not mean for it to be so long, but I just wanted to document everything:)


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