Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Eager Little Boy...

It has been a bit eventful in the Fill household lately. We have had a few hiccups along the way, but the biggest came on Wednesday. Sweet boy is just really ready and eager to come into the world! Long story short: I went into preterm labor and had to go into the hospital. They finally got baby and I stabilized and thankfully he is still safe in my belly! The goal now is to make to tomorrow, each and every day. The big goal is to get through the next 2-3 weeks. We are home now and taking it easy, praying that baby boy will stay inside just a bit longer! My medicine is thankfully keeping things under control right now, so thank heaven for that! I am just really glad that this is all under control at the moment and can be handled and monitored at home!! Hudson will be considered full term on Jan. everyone hope and pray he makes it until then to avoid going to the NICU. But, as my doctor said...if he has to go, then that's where he needs to be and be thankful he has that option. They did give me 2 steroid shots to help mature his lungs, so we feel a bit more at peace knowing that if he just can't make it any longer...they have taken that precaution to help him. I go back to the dr on Tuesday...we'll keep you posted.

Now: GET THE NURSERY DONE and get all remaining baby gear that we need!! I am absolutely not stressing, nope not one bit ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers...

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you two are alright! Best of luck over the next few weeks; prayers and thoughts are with you all!