Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're Moving Right Along Schedule...

I went to the Dr today for a check up. The Dr was so happy that we made it another week! I am currently 34.5 weeks, but am measuring a little ahead at 35.5. We need all of the extra weeks we can get! I realize that this can change and he may not grow as much before the next appt. There is no way Baby Boy is going to stay until mid-January, so basically we are just waiting on him any day now and praying he will stay just a little bit longer!!...2 more weeks and we are in the clear! Please keep our angel and his health in your thoughts and prayers! I know he is going to be just fine...he's just displaying traits given to him by his mother...doing things on his time and in his way;) He must know I am talking about him because he is doing some serious moving around right now and has the hiccups :)


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