Wednesday, January 5, 2011

37 Weeks and Counting!...

And we're just waiting and waiting! I swear every moment of the day, I am waiting on that one sign that he is coming, the contractions that do not stop or subside! I went to the doctor on Monday and am now 2 cm dilated. I have BH contractions constantly and the doctor seems to think that me constantly contracting should bring baby soon. never know! He could hold steady, as he seems to like his little home now. It is really just amazing to think about how he will be here with us very soon! We are both so excited and ready! It is so cute to see and hear Jason get so excited when he thinks about Hudson being here. Sometimes he will just say (while looking at baby's swing in the living room or something else of baby's), "I want him here!" :) I feel so blessed to have such an excited and involved husband! We are both just so ready to see this little face :)

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