Friday, January 7, 2011

One Little Decision...

FYI: This is a sappy blog...I just want to document everything :)

As we get closer to meeting Hudson, I am so overwhelmed with emotions. Mainly being so grateful and thankful for this wonderful gift.

Jason and I have been talking alot about how funny it is that one decision can change everything. We both think back to when we first met and how if I had not gone to that Christmas party with my sister and Scooter...chances are that we would have never started dating. There were so many variables in that decision looking back, that I am so surprised that I actually went. But thank the heavens above I did! For my life would not be what it is now and I would not be where I am. That night I found my husband, my best everything! And now we have a little boy on the way that is a precious product of us both.

Hudson will bring on a whole new chapter for us and I am so ready to embrace this new portion of our life. I know that when he makes his big arrival, I will probably just cry and cry and cry...tears of happiness, tears of joy, tears of gratitude and appreciation. I seriously do not think I will stop crying for the first few days. Being a parent is a precious gift that you are given and I am so grateful to become a mother. I have always known one thing for sure in life...that I was intended to be a mother. It is something that has always felt so very natural to me and is something that I have always looked forward to. Waiting on this sweet boy is somewhat like a dream for me....a dream that you long and long for. You know how it is when you dream about something you want so badly, but it would just be "too good to be true" for it to actually happen? I constantly feel like that...I know this is all real and happening, but until I am holding our angel, I do not think that this wonderful gift/dream will truly feel real. So I just can't wait! And that is why I will probably just cry and cry and cry....and stare at him constantly and I might even pinch myself to make sure that I am not just dreaming!

So come on sweet boy! There are a lot of people out here waiting on you! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that Mommy will do well and that our little boy will be a healthy and happy baby when the time arrives!


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