Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hudson's New Obsession!

Our sweet boy discovered his thumb last week (3/25). I sat and watched him try and try to find his little thumb. He normally ends up with his fist in his mouth and it is so cute to listen to him sucking on it. Here is a picture of sweet boy's success. :)

Since then, he has become obsessed with sucking his thumb and/or fist! This morning, I found little boy in his swing just sucking away on his little thumb and holding his bunny :) Please know that I am not a fan of thumb/fist sucking, but I know that it is developmental at this age and there will be NO thumb sucking as a toddler! But right now, it is precious!

Here is a video of sweet baby and his new loves :)

We're still experimenting with sensitive formula...we are going to give it some time. Pray this makes our baby feel better and will make him a happy baby!

Have a great day!
J, E, &H

Monday, March 28, 2011

Poor Baby...

Our little one has been so pitiful! Pretty much since he was 2 weeks old, we have been battling colic and tummy issues. Colic is no longer the big issue (we think). He is on 2 different, twice a day and another 4x a day. (FYI: I HATE medicine and hate that he has to have it BUT if it helps, I can deal) However, nothing that we have given him or done has really helped makes things even 80% better. We've thickened his milk with rice cereal, tried different meds, elevated this and that, used gripe water (we should purchase some stock in that company!!), gas x, ETC, ETC, ETC. But nothing has come close to hitting the nail on the head.

After several days of baby not eating well (at most, 1/2 his bottle)...yesterday turned into a nightmare for our angel. he cried pretty much every moment he was awake and I just ended up in tears with him. He has been very gassy (which is partly my fault bc I forgot that I am not suppose to eat collards!!! :( But that shouldn't have bothered him for as long as he has had issues) So I went to the store early this morning and bought some Enfamil Soy formula...he 110% rejected it! Not even mixed partly with my milk. I do not blame smelled horrid. Then we read that it is not suggested boys take soy formula long term dues to some hormone issues/imbalance. There were also MANY links that I did not click on that said something about a chemical in the soy formula that is in birth control pills...and one day of the soy formula is like giving your baby 5 birth control pills. Enough said. (FYI: I rarely google stuff bc there is no telling what you will find, health wise).

SO...BACK to the store I went! This time I picked up some Similac Sensitive. PRAY this helps. This is our last attempt before a visit to the specialist...if we have to go, we will. But I hope this will be a simple fix. I also picked up baby a prize while at the store bc he deserves a happy gift after all of the pain and sadness he has been through :( My heart hurts so much for him!

He is napping now and has been asleep for about 2 hours now...he is just worn out! He never naps this long, but he obviously needs it!

On a happy note, here is a picture of his little prize :)
As some of you may or may not know...he is my "Little Bunny". I have a great love for bunnies, bc that is his Dad's pet-name :)
Sweet boy has little bunnies all throughout his room :)

Keep sweet boy in your thoughts and prayers :)
J,E, &H

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Fiesta and a Few Countdowns!

We are SO proud of little Hudson! He got to go on his first trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Habaneros (well, his first visit in person...we went there a lot when I was pregnant!). He slept the ENTIRE time and we were able to enjoy some delicious food and an even more delicious margarita! For those around us that know how things "have been" with sweet Hudson, you know that this is a milestone for us and we appreciated every second of our little fiesta! Last weekend, when we went on a date and left him with Uncle Scoot and Aunt Amy...he provided quite a bit of entertainment for them :( Plus, they have a very active 10 month those two together made things very difficult for them. I don't think our sitters are going to be available to watch Hudson anymore :( He is a handful :-/

Here is a picture of sweet guy at Habs :)

We have a few trips and events coming up! My very best friend, Shay, is getting married in June and she has her bachelorette party coming up in April at the beach. Jason will be holding down the fort while I am gone. I am sad to leave my boys, but I know that J has it all under control as he is a wonderful, hands on father. There's nothing that he can't handle! However, I will be leaving early to come back home, because I know he will need a break!! Hudson's Aunt PB is going to come over for a bit on Saturday to give Dad a little break. Thank heavens for family in town!!!! But don't feel too sorry for Dad!...he is going to New Orleans in June for a bachelor party! I think it is a well deserved trip and will be a nice break for him!

Here we are at my bachelorette party!
Bachelorette Party: 19 days away!!
Here is a picture of me and my Shaybelle at my wedding :)
Yours isn't far Shaybelle!!...76 days away!

The next trip will be to Arkansas for Easter for Hudson to meet his Great Grandparents, Don and Shirley!...and to see his BEST IN THE WORLD Grandma and Grandpa!!! He has not seen them since his first week of life! The three of us and Aunt PB will be making the trip together:) We are so excited to spend Hudson's first Easter in Arkansas and are looking so forward to it!'s something like 26 days away?!

Here is a picture of Hudson's sweet Great Grandparents that he can't wait to meet! :)
Until next time...
Hope everyone has a great week!
J,E, & H

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Day at Aunt Amy and Cousin Landry's House!

On Monday, Hudson and I decided to go hang out with Aunt Amy and Landrygirl! Mommy and Auntie Amy thought it would be fun rotating laying out in the beautiful warm sun and taking care of the little ones. Well, the 2 babies actually went down for a nap at the SAME time so we were able to hang out together without the little ones for a bit! Which was short, but nice and relaxing...and very much needed for these oh so white legs!
Here are some pictures of our day :)

Let's all hope that this beautiful weather sticks around!!

J,E, & H :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Weekend!

The weather was just gorgeous! Sunny with a breeze and tons of daylight! We had a great lunch at Tip Top Grill on Saturday with our sweet friends Nathan and Amy and their little ones, Hayes and Watson (watson is Hudson's new little friend that was born a few weeks ago!) Uncle Scoot and Aunt Amy were so sweet to watch little Hudson for us Saturday night. We got to go out on a date to Chuy's and really enjoyed just the two of us...we missed sweet boy though:) Having time together like that is so great and special!...we really appreciate them helping us! We will get little Landrygirl next weekend for them to go and do something together...not a bad setup at all! Aunt PB came over on Sunday for burgers and played with her favorite little nephew!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Playing with Daddy!
Napping with Mommy!

Hanging Out with Sweet Watson!

Playing with Landrygirl! She loves her "Hudsy Bun Bun" ;) And he fully intends on getting her back one of these days! He loves his LanLan!
Yes, this is what my sister lets her child do to our son...jk! ;)

Hanging Out with Aunt PB!
She fed and changed him for the first time!

Sweet boy said goodbye and goodnight to a great weekend
with one of his favorite things to do...taking a bath!

Have a great week!
J, E, & H :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

One lucky little boy...

Love is something that you can't put a price tag on and the special bonds that love creates are things that are so very sacred. One thing our sweet boy has, is tons of love! We have been showered with so much love from our family and friends and feel so very fortunate to have so many people share with us this special time.

Here are just a few special people in our angel's life that love him dearly and that he loves and adores too!...

Mommy and Daddy
Hudson loves for his Daddy to read to him and he loves when mommy talks to him in their special language:)

Grandma and Grandpa
Hudson ADORES his sweet Grandma and Grandpa. He wishes they were closer, but skyping works for now. He loves to send them pictures of his everyday activities and loves to put on a show for them in videos. He knows he lucked up with these special people! And can't wait to be spoiled by them Easter weekend!

(Great) PawPaw
How wonderful that sweet boy gets to know his PawPaw, just the way Mommy did years ago. These two really hit it off and PawPaw has a new "spokesmodel". (He use to call us this when we were little).

Aunt PB
Hudson like to teach Aunt PB all about babies! And she loves it! Hudson loves for her to come over and hold him! He wishes she would change his diaper though! ;)

Aunt Amy & Uncle Scooter
Auntie Amy and Uncle Scoot are Hudson's favorite babysitters! He loves for Auntie Amy to hold him and he loves to scream when Uncle Scoot is trying to nap or watch something on tv ;)

Sweet Cousin Landrygirl!
These two are best buds! Even though Landry likes to pull his hair, poke his eyes, and push on his tummy! He is taking notes though...when he gets bigger he's going to go after one of her piggy tails! ;) Hudson likes to cry around Landry so he will make her cry too...they either take turns wailing or do it in unison! Haha!

This list is certainly not all inclusive, as there are so many special people in sweet Hudson's life and several he has not even met yet!


Time flies!

My goodness that is an understatement! I have missed blogging about our sweet boy, but I can't seem to find the time! It has definitely taken a back burner! So where do I begin!? Hudson is growing and growing! And constantly changing! He has had a rough go at it with colic and reflux...but thankfully, we are getting use to it and he is getting a little better. He is smiling more and more each day and it brings so much joy to our hearts! He has discovered his voice and LOVES to hear himself coo and jabber! He is currently 11 pounds and some change and is 23" long! The Dr has been impressed with his growth and health and we could not be more proud and thankful for that!
We are learning more and more everyday! And are enjoying him so much...the smiles are just priceless and are SO very rewarding! It feels like we have waited forever for those smiles and the "talking".

-His voice and making noises! (He started this about 2 1/2 weeks ago or so)
-He loves Mommy and Aunt Amy's crazy voices, sounds, and their special language :)
-Daddy reading to him
-Aunt PB holding him
-His bottle...he's drinking 4 oz now :)
-Ceiling Fans
-walks in his stroller
-riding in the car
-Pulling and holding Mommy's hair
-Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa
-Loves his medicine! Even the nasty one that parents complain about to the dr!
-Focusing on everything around him!

-Being hot...he sweats SO much!
-Transition of any kind!
  • dressing and undressing
  • getting out of the tub
  • stopping feeding to be burped's hard to get him to take a good nap! He loves to be involved with everything around him!

Here are some pictures of sweet boy and how he has changed!!

Day: 0
He looks nothing like this anymore!

1 Month!
February 17th

2 Months!
March 17th
I hope to be able to keep the blogs coming!!