Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Fiesta and a Few Countdowns!

We are SO proud of little Hudson! He got to go on his first trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Habaneros (well, his first visit in person...we went there a lot when I was pregnant!). He slept the ENTIRE time and we were able to enjoy some delicious food and an even more delicious margarita! For those around us that know how things "have been" with sweet Hudson, you know that this is a milestone for us and we appreciated every second of our little fiesta! Last weekend, when we went on a date and left him with Uncle Scoot and Aunt Amy...he provided quite a bit of entertainment for them :( Plus, they have a very active 10 month those two together made things very difficult for them. I don't think our sitters are going to be available to watch Hudson anymore :( He is a handful :-/

Here is a picture of sweet guy at Habs :)

We have a few trips and events coming up! My very best friend, Shay, is getting married in June and she has her bachelorette party coming up in April at the beach. Jason will be holding down the fort while I am gone. I am sad to leave my boys, but I know that J has it all under control as he is a wonderful, hands on father. There's nothing that he can't handle! However, I will be leaving early to come back home, because I know he will need a break!! Hudson's Aunt PB is going to come over for a bit on Saturday to give Dad a little break. Thank heavens for family in town!!!! But don't feel too sorry for Dad!...he is going to New Orleans in June for a bachelor party! I think it is a well deserved trip and will be a nice break for him!

Here we are at my bachelorette party!
Bachelorette Party: 19 days away!!
Here is a picture of me and my Shaybelle at my wedding :)
Yours isn't far Shaybelle!!...76 days away!

The next trip will be to Arkansas for Easter for Hudson to meet his Great Grandparents, Don and Shirley!...and to see his BEST IN THE WORLD Grandma and Grandpa!!! He has not seen them since his first week of life! The three of us and Aunt PB will be making the trip together:) We are so excited to spend Hudson's first Easter in Arkansas and are looking so forward to it!'s something like 26 days away?!

Here is a picture of Hudson's sweet Great Grandparents that he can't wait to meet! :)
Until next time...
Hope everyone has a great week!
J,E, & H

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