Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hudson's New Obsession!

Our sweet boy discovered his thumb last week (3/25). I sat and watched him try and try to find his little thumb. He normally ends up with his fist in his mouth and it is so cute to listen to him sucking on it. Here is a picture of sweet boy's success. :)

Since then, he has become obsessed with sucking his thumb and/or fist! This morning, I found little boy in his swing just sucking away on his little thumb and holding his bunny :) Please know that I am not a fan of thumb/fist sucking, but I know that it is developmental at this age and there will be NO thumb sucking as a toddler! But right now, it is precious!

Here is a video of sweet baby and his new loves :)

We're still experimenting with sensitive formula...we are going to give it some time. Pray this makes our baby feel better and will make him a happy baby!

Have a great day!
J, E, &H

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