Saturday, March 19, 2011

One lucky little boy...

Love is something that you can't put a price tag on and the special bonds that love creates are things that are so very sacred. One thing our sweet boy has, is tons of love! We have been showered with so much love from our family and friends and feel so very fortunate to have so many people share with us this special time.

Here are just a few special people in our angel's life that love him dearly and that he loves and adores too!...

Mommy and Daddy
Hudson loves for his Daddy to read to him and he loves when mommy talks to him in their special language:)

Grandma and Grandpa
Hudson ADORES his sweet Grandma and Grandpa. He wishes they were closer, but skyping works for now. He loves to send them pictures of his everyday activities and loves to put on a show for them in videos. He knows he lucked up with these special people! And can't wait to be spoiled by them Easter weekend!

(Great) PawPaw
How wonderful that sweet boy gets to know his PawPaw, just the way Mommy did years ago. These two really hit it off and PawPaw has a new "spokesmodel". (He use to call us this when we were little).

Aunt PB
Hudson like to teach Aunt PB all about babies! And she loves it! Hudson loves for her to come over and hold him! He wishes she would change his diaper though! ;)

Aunt Amy & Uncle Scooter
Auntie Amy and Uncle Scoot are Hudson's favorite babysitters! He loves for Auntie Amy to hold him and he loves to scream when Uncle Scoot is trying to nap or watch something on tv ;)

Sweet Cousin Landrygirl!
These two are best buds! Even though Landry likes to pull his hair, poke his eyes, and push on his tummy! He is taking notes though...when he gets bigger he's going to go after one of her piggy tails! ;) Hudson likes to cry around Landry so he will make her cry too...they either take turns wailing or do it in unison! Haha!

This list is certainly not all inclusive, as there are so many special people in sweet Hudson's life and several he has not even met yet!


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