Monday, March 28, 2011

Poor Baby...

Our little one has been so pitiful! Pretty much since he was 2 weeks old, we have been battling colic and tummy issues. Colic is no longer the big issue (we think). He is on 2 different, twice a day and another 4x a day. (FYI: I HATE medicine and hate that he has to have it BUT if it helps, I can deal) However, nothing that we have given him or done has really helped makes things even 80% better. We've thickened his milk with rice cereal, tried different meds, elevated this and that, used gripe water (we should purchase some stock in that company!!), gas x, ETC, ETC, ETC. But nothing has come close to hitting the nail on the head.

After several days of baby not eating well (at most, 1/2 his bottle)...yesterday turned into a nightmare for our angel. he cried pretty much every moment he was awake and I just ended up in tears with him. He has been very gassy (which is partly my fault bc I forgot that I am not suppose to eat collards!!! :( But that shouldn't have bothered him for as long as he has had issues) So I went to the store early this morning and bought some Enfamil Soy formula...he 110% rejected it! Not even mixed partly with my milk. I do not blame smelled horrid. Then we read that it is not suggested boys take soy formula long term dues to some hormone issues/imbalance. There were also MANY links that I did not click on that said something about a chemical in the soy formula that is in birth control pills...and one day of the soy formula is like giving your baby 5 birth control pills. Enough said. (FYI: I rarely google stuff bc there is no telling what you will find, health wise).

SO...BACK to the store I went! This time I picked up some Similac Sensitive. PRAY this helps. This is our last attempt before a visit to the specialist...if we have to go, we will. But I hope this will be a simple fix. I also picked up baby a prize while at the store bc he deserves a happy gift after all of the pain and sadness he has been through :( My heart hurts so much for him!

He is napping now and has been asleep for about 2 hours now...he is just worn out! He never naps this long, but he obviously needs it!

On a happy note, here is a picture of his little prize :)
As some of you may or may not know...he is my "Little Bunny". I have a great love for bunnies, bc that is his Dad's pet-name :)
Sweet boy has little bunnies all throughout his room :)

Keep sweet boy in your thoughts and prayers :)
J,E, &H


  1. Praying you find an easy solution!

  2. Oh Sweetie! We battled reflux with Eli too. What is your email address? I am not on facebook right now but we have some friends here in Houston that had terrible problems. There is a great website.. I think its like Macy's kids with tons of info that helped him. I assume you have tried cutting dairy from your diet too? That helped them a lot. He ended up at a specialist and really just about adjusting medication. Prevacid worked best for us but there is a trick to taking it to make it most effective. We are 17 months and finally Eli is weaned off the Prevacid and doing great!

  3. I hope today was better for Hudson. How did the similac sensitive work? we got a sample can of that in the mail-you can have it if you need/want it. Love the little bunny pants!