Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby's First Easter and Road Trip!

We had such a wonderful Easter! We all had such a great time and Hudson was just the sweetest little baby and did so well with the long trip! We left late last Thursday night to head to Arkansas so we did not throw off Hudson's sleep schedule. He did so good in the car! Normally when we get in the car, he immediately falls asleep...like even to Walgreen's just 3 miles down the road. I kept checking on him (in the dark with my cell phone light) as we started our trip and I kept seeing those big, precious eyes wide open! I could not understand how and why?! This went on for an hour or more. I finally figured out that he was probably thinking the baby mirror and all the lights from the cars reflecting in it was a television! He LOVES the tv! So I immediately took it down and he was then out for the night! Haha! We finally made it to AR on Friday a little after lunch and were so glad to be there! I will let photos tell the rest of the story of our trip!

Seeing Grandma for the first time in 3 months!
Since our trip, Grandma has booked a flight to come down in June! ;)

Meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Gibbs
Catching up on lost time with the best Grandma and Grandpa in the world!

Getting to know Great Grandma and Grandpa!
Hudson and the Girls
Hudson and the Boys

Happy Boy's First Easter!

Aunt PB's Bunny Ears
He can thank her for those when he's older ;) hehe!

Mommy and Daddy helping Hudson look through
what the Easter Bunny brought him!

Sweet Family!

J , E, & H

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