Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 3 Months!

Happy 3 Months sweet Hudson!! Time is sure flying and he is getting so big! It is such a joy and blessing watching our little angel grow and change! We are so blessed to have him and are so thankful for such a special, sweet, and healthy little boy!

-His voice! He jabbers and talks all day!
-He loves smiling and is just the happiest little guy!
-Mommy and his special language :)
-Daddy's silly sounds and faces :)
-Looking at his Lanlan and wondering what she is doing to him!
-His bottle...he's drinking 5-5.5 oz now! He also likes to help hold it. Feedings have gotten better, thank the lord! We switched to a sensitive formula and he is like a completely different child! We are so glad he is feeling better!
-Sucking on his fist, hands, fingers, anything he can get.
-Ceiling Fans...even if he can't see it above him, he will find it in the mirror behind the recliner ;)
-Laying in his boppy watching his mobile in the crib.
-Playing on his farm playmat.
-Facing outward in the Baby Bjorn
-Bathtime...he loves to move himself off of the baby seat. He thinks he is ready for just the big boy part of the baby tub!
-Riding in the car and stroller....LOVES to be on the move.
-Grasping on to his bunny, my clothes, Daddy's clothes
-Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa
-Talking to Grandma on the phone...he even left her a message last week :)
-Adores his Great PawPaw...those two are 2 Peas in a Pod! He is PawPaw's "spokesmodel"!...I was his "spokesmodel" back in the day!!...Auntie Amy was too! ;)
-Still loves medicine...he simply is not fazed by it!
-Loves trying to sit up on his own...see picture below!

-Being hot...he still sweats like a little pig!
-Getting out of the tub

He has gotten a lot more tolerable of transitions and is a much more happy little guy! YAY! He is napping much better...longer and some in his crib. He also slept through the night for the first time on 4/8! And has continued it to some degree since! He is still on meds for acid reflux and they appear to be still helping.

Here is our last post from the 2 month mark to compare!

Trying to sit up and go somewhere!
Hope everyone has a great week!
J, E, & H

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