Friday, April 1, 2011

My Morning Sunshine...

While the outdoor kind of sunshine has been lacking, our sweet boy has been brightening up our home with his sweet little smiles in the morning. There is nothing better than seeing him smile and being happy :)

We are now giving him 100% of the formula, and I hope to not speak too soon, but things seem to be much better for him. We started it Monday afternoon and have decreased the amount of my milk we gave him over the past several days. PRAY this continues for him, because it is so sad and frustrating to watch him cry and not know exactly what is going on! I sure hope the formula does the trick 100% for his little tummy!

Here are some pictures of our little sunshine from this week :)
Take note: Monday's picture illustrates his mood quite well...he was not eating well and was very fussy!

Sweet Boy this morning:
Thursday Morning:
Wednesday Morning:

Tuesday Morning:
Monday Morning:

Hopefully Hudson will not be looking like Monday morning anymore!!

Have a great weekend!
J, E, &H


  1. hilarious! I love the Monday picture :). So glad to hear that the formula seems to be working so far. Praying that it continues!!

  2. He is so adorable! Be glad you got the Monday picture... you'll want to remember even the fussy moments! What kind of formula is working for him?