Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We've Moved...

Jason to a "real" office....nope, not for real move. Ha ha ha...not funny, I know! So it is just me and baby at the house now. We are certainly going to miss having Daddy here with us all day, but it is for the best for many reasons.

  1. Jason can actually concentrate!! (FYI: not all my fault...we have a rather loud child that makes it clear that every room in this house is HIS) ;)
  2. We thought it might make the house look better for showings
  3. Moving the nursery to the old office, makes the home feel more like a home
  4. And well....Jason and I may not pull out each other's hair now! haha! JK! But a little bit of space can't hurt ;)
SO...we moved him in last night and he is there now in a "real" office for the first time in forever. It is certainly a transition for us all, but it is for the best. WE MISS YOU DADDY!


(We are going to recover the valence, a rug is on the way, and we have to re-hang baby's stuff)

Here are some photos of baby helping his Daddy move into his new office;)

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

J, E, and H

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Such a FUN Weekend!

We had such a fun weekend! Friday night, my sister and I went out to eat some yummy mexican food for a little girl's night. And then went out for a few drinks and met up with my other sister (inlaw) :) My sweet boys held down the fort at home to let me out for a little girl time...sweet, sweet boys I have! No pictures to share of the night out...not one of us had our camera:(

Saturday, we went over to the Kennedy's house for dinner and a wonderful time! It was so cute to see Hudson and his friend Watson (who is 1 month younger than Hudson) together and Watson's big sister Hayes play together. They have two of the most precious and beautiful children EVER! Here a few pictures of Mr. Watson and Mr. Hudson "playing" and Miss Hayes being so sweet to Hudson giving him a hug and kisses and sharing her "baby" with Hudson.
Letting "Baby" give Hudson kisses :)

Giving love to Baby Hudson

Sunday morning, we took Hudson to the pool for the first time just to see if he would like it and it was a success! Being that he loves to stand, he enjoyed standing in the kiddy pool:) He loved the big pool too which is GREAT! We then left and got ready for a baby shower for our friends, Eric and Lauren, in the neighborhood and had a great time catching up with our neighborhood friends. We can't wait to meet Zoey!
Since we had an open house and could not go home, we went back to the pool and Hudson did great! Thank you Josh and Beth for letting us borrow your house and a big thank you to Dax for letting your friend borrow your float. Hudson liked the float as long as Daddy was holding him by his tummy under the water.
Tired little boy after swimming :)

We go to the doctor tomorrow for our 4 month checkup...I can't wait to see how much he has grown! We have Landry's 1st Birthday party this coming weekend and we are so excited for our sweet girl!! LOVE me some Landrygirl!!

Hope everyone has a great week!
J, E, & H

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy 4 Months!

Weight: A bit over 14 lbs (will confirm next Monday)
Length: A bit over 24"
Bottle: 5.5 ounces
Sleeping: 7something to about 3am, then gets bottle and then back down until 6:30
Napping: Cat naps throughout the day, but no long naps
Diaper Size: 2


-SMILING! He has the most precious and biggest smile!
-LOVES his Bumbo! He always tries to slide out of left side of the bumbo.
-Curling up in a ball and grabbing his feet
-Rolling onto his side...has not grasped the full roll yet.
-Turning sideways in his crib
-Sleeping with his hands over his face...we think he is trying to keep his paci in
-He loves his new Jumperoo
-He is still in love with Mickey Mouse!
-He loves for us to rub his face and head as he falls asleep
-Sophie the Giraffe
-Mommy's songs
-Giving Mommy a kiss...he opens his mouth wide open and kisses me
-He likes for me to tickle him with my nails...he laughs and it is so cute!
-Biting Mommy's face
-The light up Frog toy on his carseat
-He loves to stand up
-He likes to look around and face outward to see everything going on
-He likes to tell people "stories"
-His voice! He jabbers and talks all day!
-Mommy and his special language :)
-Daddy's silly sounds and faces :)
-His bottle and holding it...he's still drinking 5-5.5 oz now! Still on the sensitive formula.
-Sucking on his fist, hands, fingers, anything he can get.
-Ceiling Fans
-Playing on his farm playmat.
-Facing outward in the Baby Bjorn with Daddy
-Bathtime...he has really started splashing and kicking his legs! We got in the bath tub together the other night with bubbles and he had so much fun. He just wanted to kick and splash and stand up. :)
-He still likes his stroller
-Grasping on to everything
-Talking to Grandma on the phone
-Still loves medicine...he simply is not fazed by it!
-Loves trying to sit up on his own...he will be sitting up on his own in no time!

-Being hot...he still sweats like a little pig!
-Getting out of the tub
-Not having one of us in sight

We have really started pushing napping in the crib and he is doing well. I have also started trying to just lay him in his crib cold turkey...he fusses a little, but usually falls asleep. He is not big on napping so I think he is fighting sleep more than anything. Feeding has finally gotten better and he is back taking a full bottle after a few weeks of not eating well. The Bethanachol must be helping (it's a motility med that helps move food from his stomach to his intestines). I get so much joy seeing my baby eating! :)

Here is a special photo that I woke up to on Facebook! Grandma posted this picture of Jason when he was 4 months old:) So sweet!! I love my boys!

Hope everyone has a great week!
J, E, & H

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog Post Disappearance

So the "What a Weekend" post magically disappeared!! And I have NO IDEA how! And I am not happy! Especially because time is limited to update our blog! It is so weird because I have not logged into Blogger since I posted the blog.

To Be Continued...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a Weekend!

The above title has two very different definitions!

The first story:
We took our first family vacation to the beach together last weekend to celebrate Mother's Day! I am one blessed Mommy to have two very sweet handsome men in my life! They are just the best! My boys were so sweet to take me to the beach and they surprised (and I mean SURPRISE) with some very wonderful and awesome gifts for Mother's Day! They are so thoughtful, but did WAY too much! The trip to the beach was suppose to be my Mother's Day gift! But I am not complaining! J and baby surprised me last Wednesday with an awesome new camera! J asked me to go and get some stamps out of the cabinet and so I opened the cabinet and remembered that I had moved the stamps. I told him that they weren't in there anymore and quickly turned my head because I noticed something that did not belong...there it was!! So surprised! Here it is! I can't wait to learn how to use it!!

Then, on Sunday my sweet angels surprised with a precious charm necklace! It has a little "h" on it:) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

The second story:
Sweet boy had some GI stuff done last of which was an Upper GI. He was given Barium in his formula for the procedure. The staff warned me of constipation issues, so when he was having some problems the following day, I was not surprised. On Thursday, he was still having issues and was not eating as well. So when we met with his GI specialist, he wrote a Rx for us to help him. By Friday at lunch, baby boy was not doing good at all and still was not eating. Without going into to detail, we discovered that what was bothering him could not be broken up and passed. We got really scared when we realized we weren't sure what we were dealing with and baby was getting hurt from all of the straining. He was absolutely beside himself and it scared us both. All I could do was cry for him. We went to the closest medical facility to the condo and they were IDIOTS to say the least. But they did do an x-ray and determined that he still had a significant amount of Barium in his stomach. The x-ray clearly showed two pieces in there, one large and one mid-sized mass of solidifies Barium. Most children apparently break it down and pass it with a regular BM, but Hudson apparently could not break the Barium down. The clinic suggested the ER in Pensacola. Being that they were the dumbest people I have ever encountered, I was on the phone with our pediatrician's office relaying what was going on. Our dr suggested a Fleet enema and a few other things to do. So back to the condo we went, praying we could manage this on our own as our dr suggested to do first and would not have to drive to the pediatric unit an hour or more away. Without getting too graphic, baby boy ended up passing the solid pieces pf Barium (yes, ONLY stool in the large mass) that had hardened in his stomach. Both were larger than a quarter in diameter and one was 2 inches long. None if us had EVER seen anything like this. Our poor, poor baby was just pitiful and had been through it! Ugh...we seriously remained in shock for the rest of the day about it. Yes, I took pictures of what came out (won't scar you with the images) and will be showing the dr because I do not think that they thought it was Barium ONLY when we were on the phone. He is better now thank goodness, but has a little cold now....which he probably got from me, because I was sick the entire weekend :(

So, while it was nice to change the scenery a bit...we probably will not take anymore vacations for a while! We were in the sun maybe 3 hours??! I think we will wait until he is 2 or older before we go on vaca again! We think it will be a little bit easier then. However, we have been told that if your children are going to get sick, it will be while you are on vacation. But that's ok, we are just glad he is better!!!

Despite the rocky weekend, we still managed to eat some delicious food and take a few pictures!

Maybe an hour before sweet boy's troubles flared up :(
Precious Crutcher's :)
Sweet Lanlan LOVED the sand!Scooter and his SWEET Mom, Grandma Syd aka Gammy
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day weekend!
J, E, and H