Sunday, May 22, 2011

Such a FUN Weekend!

We had such a fun weekend! Friday night, my sister and I went out to eat some yummy mexican food for a little girl's night. And then went out for a few drinks and met up with my other sister (inlaw) :) My sweet boys held down the fort at home to let me out for a little girl time...sweet, sweet boys I have! No pictures to share of the night out...not one of us had our camera:(

Saturday, we went over to the Kennedy's house for dinner and a wonderful time! It was so cute to see Hudson and his friend Watson (who is 1 month younger than Hudson) together and Watson's big sister Hayes play together. They have two of the most precious and beautiful children EVER! Here a few pictures of Mr. Watson and Mr. Hudson "playing" and Miss Hayes being so sweet to Hudson giving him a hug and kisses and sharing her "baby" with Hudson.
Letting "Baby" give Hudson kisses :)

Giving love to Baby Hudson

Sunday morning, we took Hudson to the pool for the first time just to see if he would like it and it was a success! Being that he loves to stand, he enjoyed standing in the kiddy pool:) He loved the big pool too which is GREAT! We then left and got ready for a baby shower for our friends, Eric and Lauren, in the neighborhood and had a great time catching up with our neighborhood friends. We can't wait to meet Zoey!
Since we had an open house and could not go home, we went back to the pool and Hudson did great! Thank you Josh and Beth for letting us borrow your house and a big thank you to Dax for letting your friend borrow your float. Hudson liked the float as long as Daddy was holding him by his tummy under the water.
Tired little boy after swimming :)

We go to the doctor tomorrow for our 4 month checkup...I can't wait to see how much he has grown! We have Landry's 1st Birthday party this coming weekend and we are so excited for our sweet girl!! LOVE me some Landrygirl!!

Hope everyone has a great week!
J, E, & H

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