Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We've Moved...

Jason to a "real" office....nope, not for real move. Ha ha ha...not funny, I know! So it is just me and baby at the house now. We are certainly going to miss having Daddy here with us all day, but it is for the best for many reasons.

  1. Jason can actually concentrate!! (FYI: not all my fault...we have a rather loud child that makes it clear that every room in this house is HIS) ;)
  2. We thought it might make the house look better for showings
  3. Moving the nursery to the old office, makes the home feel more like a home
  4. And well....Jason and I may not pull out each other's hair now! haha! JK! But a little bit of space can't hurt ;)
SO...we moved him in last night and he is there now in a "real" office for the first time in forever. It is certainly a transition for us all, but it is for the best. WE MISS YOU DADDY!


(We are going to recover the valence, a rug is on the way, and we have to re-hang baby's stuff)

Here are some photos of baby helping his Daddy move into his new office;)

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

J, E, and H

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