Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy 5 Months!!

Wow! Really?! Our little guy is FIVE months old! And such a little stinker! He is so full of personality, smiles, and is just a mess already!

Weight: A bit over 15 lbs
Length: 25.5 "
Bottle: 6 ounces
Sleeping: 7something to about 3am, then gets bottle and then back down until 6:30-7ish
Napping: Cat naps throughout the day, but no long naps
Diaper Size: 2...close to moving up to a 3


-SMILING! SMILING! SMILING! At everyone he sees!
-Rolling around and moving around...we'll be in a mess when he is really mobile!
-Curling up in a ball and grabbing his feet to suck on his little toes :)
-Lifting up his legs and putting them straight out in the air when he is in the stroller or car seat
-Sleeping on his tummy and on his side
-Playing in his Jumperoo
-Being Outside
-He is still in love with Mickey Mouse! And loves his new Mickey Mouse stroller Grandma bought him
-He loves for us to rub his face and head as he falls asleep
-Sophie the Giraffe...she is his girlfriend :)
-The light up Frog toy on his carseat
-He loves to stand up...ALL THE TIME!
-He likes to look around
-He likes to tell people "stories"
-His voice! He jabbers and talks all day! He has become quite vocal and loud :)
-Sucking on his fist, hands, fingers, anything he can get his little hands on!
-Being in the water...the bath tub or pool, he loves it!
-Still loves medicine...he simply is not fazed by it!
-Loves trying to sit up on his own...he's not quite there yet. I think if he would try to sit more instead of always wanting to pull himself up to stand, he could figure it out!

-Falling asleep...this child throws some kind of fit!! :(
-Getting out of the tub
-Not having one of us in sight

Hudson has gotten to be so much fun these days! He just laughs and smiles (unless he's fighting sleep as he is doing at this very moment) ;) We are really enjoying taking him to the pool and having a little more flexibility since, at the moment, his feedings are better. We did introduce baby food a few weeks ago as the pediatrician suggested, but that did not go well as Hudson's tummy got all out of whack :( I am going to nervously try it again soon...wish me luck! He is still on the same formula and meds...we hope to have him off of these meds one day soon :-/ We have learned that Hudson really enjoys being in his "element" where things are familiar...he just does so much better at home. Our latest goal to reach is trying to teach him to be able to soothe himself...not the easiest task in the world especially when you aren't an expert and you are learning as you go! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Here are some pictures of sweet angel! :)

Eating Oatmeal for the first time this morning!
He did so well! He was going after the spoon like a big boy!

Trying so hard to figure out how to get out!

Love that half smile!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!...honor all of the wonderful fathers out there, yours, someone else's or someone who was like a Dad to you!

J,E, & H

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