Wednesday, June 22, 2011

There's a Hole in the Ground...

Yep, as you can see there's a hole...and what has occupied that hole for what seems like a lifetime was the "FOR SALE" sign. YES, the sign is gone & NO we did not sell our house. We decided to take the house off the market! NO MORE living in limbo or only getting to make plans 30-45 days in advance!....AND no more showings! Many different things played into our decision, but most of all...we just want to enjoy our life and where we are. It is so hard to do that when you are in limbo with trying to sell and contemplating a move and NOT EVER knowing when "it" will happen. PLUS: Jason having an office outside of the house makes our home just a bit bigger and makes it all that we need for now. So we decided that we are just going to "live" and are making no plans...which honestly, feels so good. This decision made us realize is so unfair to yourself to always live in planning mode and to live wanting tomorrow. So we are going to do better at just enjoying today and embracing the state of contentment.

So there is our big news! Happy Hump Day everyone!

J, E, & H

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  1. Yea! I'm so glad to hear that y'all are staying put, at least for now. I know that is a big relief just to not have to think about keeping a clean house, showings, etc. anymore. And it's all super stressful too when you add a baby into the mix of selling a house! God works things out just exactly as they are supposed to be, and 100% of the time without our help or worry! Thanks for sharing the good news!