Friday, July 22, 2011

6 Months Old!

Weight: 16.4 lbs
(his weight growth slowed a bit from the 4 mo checkup)

27.5 "

5-6 oz in the am & at lunch; 7-8 oz around 3 and then again at bedtime

He has liked pretty much everything we have offered him but peaches.



Goes down around 9am for usually 30m, but if I am lucky it could last an hour...but very rare; cat naps throughout the rest of the day and when we are in the car.
This child hates napping

Diaper Size:
3 - He's wearing the Cruiser's now!
No more baby swaddlers :(

-He still loves to smile and charm everyone around him
-He loves to laugh...especially when we make silly or highpitched sounds.
-He actually likes to be startled, because he always smiles and laughs at you.
-Still loves to stand
-Sleeping on his side...favors his right
-He started sitting up about 2 weeks ago and loves to sit up and play with his toys. He is still a little bit wobbley, but has it down pretty good!
-Loves to play with water bottles and chip bags.
-He figured out that he has a tongue and has started a new form of jabbering/talking by using his tongue to say BaBaBa DaDaDa. His face is PREICELESS when he does it! SO cute!
-He is loving his new big kid, light up toys, his Hungry Caterpillar rattle, and a multicolored ball
-He is always putting anything and everything in his teeth yet,
-He LOVES the pool and bathtub
-Dancing with Mommy to Mommy's fun music :)
-He has started reaching and grabbing for things...he loves to get whatever you have.
-He like to play with water bottles and paper...anything that crinkles
-Having Mom and Dad in his all times!
-He loves being out and about...he behaves much better out than he does at home

Dislikes:, not completely. But feedings (solids and bottle) have become a battle :( He has learned to pintch his lips together and refuse to open his mouth!
-Us leaving him alone
-Still hates getting out of the tub
-Napping when he could be involved in everything going on

I'll post some Half Bday pics soon!
J, E, & H

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