Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Days of Playdates!

Hudson had two very fun and active days last week! On Thursday, my sweet friend and neighbor Krystal had several of us James Hill mommies over for a playdate. It was so much fun...for me and baby! Krystal has the cutest little boy, Sully, who is a little over a month younger than Hudson. We really enjoyed our lunch and time with all of the other Moms and little ones. It was an especially exciting day, because we got to meet Hudson's newest friend Zoey! She is a doll and has the most beautiful smile and laugh! So glad you are finally home sweet girl! Our neighborhood is so great, because there are so many young families. This neighborhood is going to be wild in a few years when all of our little ones get a little older! Here are a few pictures from the playdate!

Hudson and Sully :)

Hudson and some more of his buddies!

Hudson checking out what the older kiddos are doing...

On Wednesday, we had Landrygirl over for most of the day because her daycare was closed. Those two babies are so precious together and so funny to watch. Landry really is not very "concerned" with or by Hudson...she pretty much does her own thing. I hope she will start to take a little more interest in him when he gets a little older and a little more interactive. However, she did always want whatever toy he had and had no problem getting it from him...leaving poor baby boy looking dumbfounded as to why his toys kept disappearing. ;) Here are some pictures from our day!

Landry and Hudson playing!

Trying to figure who gets the toys...

I think Landry decided she wanted them all ;)
Sweet boy sitting up like a big boy!!
(The pill bottle in the back is a toy of my niece's, we do not have pills
scattered throughout the house!)
Lanlan playing in Hudson's jumperoo! Precious girl!

FYI: I am use the IE browser instead of FireFox and my spacing is all off :( Will be getting this fixed asap!


J, E, & H

Hudson: 5.5 mo

Landry: 13.5 mo

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