Tuesday, September 27, 2011

8 Months Old!

 Our Precious Baby Boy!
He is now about 8.5 months old...I am just WAY late on this post!!

 Little monkey! Always climbing and pulling himself up on everything!

 He wants everything he sees! (the camera)

Weight: 18-19

Length: 29"

Bottle: 5 oz in the am & at lunch; 6 oz around 3 and then again at bedtime

Solids: He loves solids! His favorite is apples! We have recently introduced him to grits and he LOVES them! We've also given him the baby yogurt and his favorite is apple cinnamon. He love all of the baby snacks: puffs, yogurt melts, & the wholegrain corn puff things (cheese flavor).

Awake: We are steadily trying to resolve the waking up screaming bloody murder thing...slowly but surely we will end it! This is not your average cry, I want my paci whine...it is all out "Mommy I am dying" , so loud screams...uncontrollable crying . Hopefully we will get past it soon.

Bedtime: 6:45-7

Naps: Takes an early morning nap around 9 for about an hour and a 1/2 & one in the afternoon for about an hour or so around 1:30.

Diaper Size: 3

-Has 3 teeth! The first one came in on the TOP RIGHT, very weird! And then the bottom, middle two came in simultaneously
-Crawling! Scooting! Anything to get to where he wants to be!
-He is now 110% able to sit up and then stand up in his crib....and scream bc he wants out.
-Pulls up on couch, coffee table, ME
-Loves his teachers at MDO! Doing so great at "school". His teachers always tell me how smart he is and oh so active :)
-Loves riding in his wagon around the neighborhood
-Really is fond of animals or is at least very intrigued...dogs and cows so far
-Tracks everything...people, cars, etc
-Loves to eat ice
-Waves byebye!
-Still LOVES music
-Loves Peek A Boo
-Loves for us to laugh with him
-Loves pots and pans
-Patting things
-Clapping (his left hand is balled up into a fist and the other is open)
-Loves chewing on everything
-Loves to have anything you have and playing with things he is not suppose to
-Knows the difference between his toy computer and Mommy's real one
-Jumping in the jumperoo
-Pulls his puzzle playmat apart

This past month has been a huge month for Hudson. SO many changes, SO fast! Teeth (3), crawling, waving, pulling up, etc...it's all happening way too fast!

J, E, & H

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