Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fun Happenings

We have had a fun few days, even though little man is teething something terrible. :( We had sweet Landry over one night, so her Mommy and Daddy could go on a date. Those two babies are not cousins...they act like brother and sister. They seriously interact like siblings and fight like siblings too. Hudson loves to grab Landry and she does NOT care for him to bother her, AT ALL. He will sneak in a hair pull here and there and she goes for the pinching and/or biting. I am sure it will grow into a true love/hate relationship bc they are 2 very independent and strong-willed kiddos. Here are some pics of the two little ones.

We were suppose to go to Boo at the Zoo last night, but the weather did not work in our we hung out at the Casa de Fill and had TOO MUCH FUN! Landry was with us again last night and we had several friends over with their kiddos...chaos but so fun! We have the best neighbors that have become our best friends and we just lobe them and their little ones SO much! Here are some pics:)
Kiddos minus 2:)

I love these two more than I could ever explain:)

Amidst all of the crazy chaos, little man stood up all by himself TWICE! NO assistance, no table, no nothing! AND I actually got a picture of the first time on camera while taking pictures of the kids playing and the second time! Here's the second time :)

ECSTATIC I have this pic!!!
Have a great weekend!
J, E, & H

H: 9.5 mo
L: 17 mo

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