Monday, October 3, 2011

A Good Down Home Time!

Hudson and I took a little trip to Butler (actually Mt. Sterling) & Sweet Water to visit with Gigi and Poppy while Daddy stayed back and had a "workathon". Hudson had so much fun getting plenty of attention and getting to be somewhere besides his house! We went and visited with PawPaw, rode around on the mule, met the cows (which he loved until they mooed - pics below!), ate grits for the first time (PawPaw's - who makes the best grits ever), and just played and played! It was so nice being back home and we loved getting to spend so much time with everyone!
Driving the mule!
Such a big boy!

Captivated by the cows!
Mommy and Baby!
3 Generations

Playing with Poppy!

Eating in Mommy's old highchair!

Off we go!

Checking out the cows!
The result of the cow Mooing too loudly ;)

Learning to share...well sort of! Landry has taught Hudson how to take toys away and here he is implementing this new skill and poor Kaci could not figure out why he was taking things away...too cute!
Thanks for the great trip! We had so much fun and are ready to come back!
J, E, & H

Hudson: 7 mo 4w (during trip)

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