Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun!

I am SO behind!! So I am going to make this a good one!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Hudson's first Thanksgiving! We loaded up and headed to my hometown and spent the holiday eating and eating! J fried the turkey, I made the sweet potato casserole and dressing, and we had about 50 other sides to go along! Hudson LOVED his first Thanksgiving meal! His Gigi's vegetables taste A LOT better than Mommy's! (Gigi seasons her veges with bacon!...that's the secret ingredient that makes them delicious!) Hudson had a great time riding on all of Poppy's toys! He loved helping drive the tractor, mule, and 4wheeler! Hudson really enjoys seeing the cows and riding around...and his Poppy certainly loves taking him around! Here are some pics!

Dada frying the turkey! It was delish!
Great Aunt Lisa!
Gigi Sugar :)
Hudson's Feast:)
Sweet Babies rocking together
Me and the cousins
Sweet boy!

My Sis and Lan
Lan touching Hud's nose;)
Come on lets go!!!
Hudson "reading" while getting his nasty diaper changed ;)
Sweet girl
Hanging out with Poppy!
Drinking Mommy's water...
She had to have some too...what one gets, the other has to have it too ;)
No love :(
This boy is all boy! Loves anything that has wheels and keeps him on the go!

Sweet Poppy!
Hud and his Great Pawpaw! Hud is his "spokesmodel"

Playing with his Great Granddaddy
Looking at the barge go by at Ezell's
Looking at the Swamp Monkey!
Here is a cute video of Hudson talking on the phone:

Across the street from Gigi and Poppy's is a beautiful old, historic church. We decided to take our Christmas pictures there and they turned out pretty good. I need to learn how to EDIT though. Here are just a few of the 500 I took. Thanks to my special assistants for all of your help...we appreciate you Gigi and Poppy!

Thank you Gigi and Poppy for having us! We love you guys! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too!

J, E, and H

H: 10 mo, 1 w

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 Months Old!

Wow. Wow. Wow. We almost have a 1 year old! Truly unbelievable!

Weight: 20 lbs, 4oz  
(his weight last week at the Dr.)
Length: Almost 30"

Bottle:5oz at bedtime
Sippy Cup:  5 oz at breakfast & at lunch; 4-5 oz around 3 for a snack

Solids: No baby food whatsoever! He loves pretty much everything! He has a huge appetite, which this Mommy loves! Nothing better than seeing my precious boy eat! Carrots are his favorite vege, he loves all fruit, is obsessed with raisins, and even loves the kids meal at Chipotle (cheese quesadilla, rice, and black beans) name it, he eats it!

Sleeping: He has gotten so much better...probably because we no longer go in his room at night when he wakes up. Lesson learned, I know:)
Bedtime: 7-7:30

Naps: He still takes an early morning nap around 9 for about an hour and a 1/2 & one in the afternoon for about an hour or so around 1-1:30.

Diaper Size: 3
Teeth Count:6! Two on the bottom, 4 across the front on top :) No new ones, YET!
-Hudson still loves music and now dances! He loves to sway back and forth or kinda rock/bounce up and down. The cutest thing ever! He starts dancing immediately when he hears music. He loves to stare at the blue box on the music channel when it's on:)
-He knows what the remote does. When he gets it, he presses buttons, points it to the tv, and watches the tv to see if it is going to do something:)
-Favorite toys: his MI football (thanks Grandma!), he was pushing around his table toys so LanLan passed her walker down to him and he loves it!! He gets super frustrated when he gets in a spot where he can't go, since he has not figured out how to turn it around. He also loves his Number book. He lets me count the objects, say the number, and then he flaps his arms and pats the book, smiles, and claps.
-He is now having tantrums, which I find funny;) This started just before we got the walker toy and worsened with the walker. The tantrums first were him throwing his head and body back...he figured out that it was painful on the floor so he is now throwing himself forward. He goes forward, head down, palms on floor, and screams...NO tears;) He looks up and around for a reaction and when he does not get a response, back down he goes.
-Gives the BEST kisses when you ask for one
-Lays his head down on your chest when you ask him for love:)
-He has a new expression/smile: he squints his eyes, scrunches his nose, and gives you the biggest cheesiest smile ever:)
-Claps when you say "Yay!"
-Still jabbering like crazy
-Still loves being on the go and school
-Biggest flirt ever! Smiles and charms everyone he sees!

My goodness we love this precious boy so much! We are so thankful for his health, his oh so vibrant personality (even the tantrums!), and that precious sweet smile. We love our wild man and are having so much fun watching him grow and change each day!

Have a great day!
J, E, & H

H: 10 mo

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hudson's Halloween Adventures!

Boo at the Zoo!
Ready to go!


Aunt Amy and LanLan

Cutest Monkey EVER!
Mrs. Beth & sweet buddy Dax!

Halloween Eve - Hudson and the Candy ;)
Going to check out the candy!

In his own world, LOVING it! I think he sucked on every piece just hoping to get a taste!

Time to clean up...he was MAD. Pitched a fit! Kicked his feet, waved his hands, & screamed bloody murder!

Oh but please!
Hard, hard life!
Halloween 2011

Precious little Pumpkin with his first pumpkin!

Our Pumpkins :)
 Candy Time!
Halloween 2011 - Trick or Treating
Mrs. Reagan and John Ashton!
About half way around the neighborhood, this little cow was over it!
Sweet neighbors!
Aunt Amy, Uncle Scoot, & LanLan
Sweet Buddies:)

Aunt PB!
Playing so sweet with his friends!
We had a great time with our friends and fam with our little cow! We are getting ready for the big AL-LSU game today, even though we are AU fans...should be a good one! Have a great weekend!

J, E, & H