Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun!

I am SO behind!! So I am going to make this a good one!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Hudson's first Thanksgiving! We loaded up and headed to my hometown and spent the holiday eating and eating! J fried the turkey, I made the sweet potato casserole and dressing, and we had about 50 other sides to go along! Hudson LOVED his first Thanksgiving meal! His Gigi's vegetables taste A LOT better than Mommy's! (Gigi seasons her veges with bacon!...that's the secret ingredient that makes them delicious!) Hudson had a great time riding on all of Poppy's toys! He loved helping drive the tractor, mule, and 4wheeler! Hudson really enjoys seeing the cows and riding around...and his Poppy certainly loves taking him around! Here are some pics!

Dada frying the turkey! It was delish!
Great Aunt Lisa!
Gigi Sugar :)
Hudson's Feast:)
Sweet Babies rocking together
Me and the cousins
Sweet boy!

My Sis and Lan
Lan touching Hud's nose;)
Come on lets go!!!
Hudson "reading" while getting his nasty diaper changed ;)
Sweet girl
Hanging out with Poppy!
Drinking Mommy's water...
She had to have some too...what one gets, the other has to have it too ;)
No love :(
This boy is all boy! Loves anything that has wheels and keeps him on the go!

Sweet Poppy!
Hud and his Great Pawpaw! Hud is his "spokesmodel"

Playing with his Great Granddaddy
Looking at the barge go by at Ezell's
Looking at the Swamp Monkey!
Here is a cute video of Hudson talking on the phone:

Across the street from Gigi and Poppy's is a beautiful old, historic church. We decided to take our Christmas pictures there and they turned out pretty good. I need to learn how to EDIT though. Here are just a few of the 500 I took. Thanks to my special assistants for all of your help...we appreciate you Gigi and Poppy!

Thank you Gigi and Poppy for having us! We love you guys! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too!

J, E, and H

H: 10 mo, 1 w

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  1. Your Pictures are GREAT!!!! Such a beautiful family!! Glad yall had a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!