Monday, September 30, 2013

Soccer - Fall 2013

Hudson started playing soccer this Fall for POP in the Hoover Soccer Club. Lets just say it is not on the top of his list - at all. I have figured out that if it does not involve a motorcycle, tractor, train or Poppie related it is pretty much a lost cause. He is still a bit young for the organized chaos of peewee sports;) But he has a few sweet friends on the same team, so they have fun together. That is all that matters to me!

Before Hudson's first game, we had our very first pep talk;) This is Hudson showing off that he is "Big and Strong!" and that we do not cry on the field!

Hudson and the team learning the basics.

Around game time, Hudson decided he had enough.

Dax and Hudson "being the ball" in the net - I guess ;)

What's more fun than a soccer game? 
Pretending we are airplanes of course!

Soccer Update: Hudson is still "Big and Strong" and we have not had any tears yet. He looks adorable in his uniform and is doing great at "supporting the team" :) -- playing on a completely different field than the game, being an airplane, getting himself caught in the net and hanging out with two of his buddies Sully and Dax, marching to their very own tune :) And we are happy, if he is happy!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

2013-2014 School Year

Our sweet Hudson started back to school at MDO at the beginning of September! He loves school so much and we are so blessed to have him in a program with awesome teachers and staff. He is having a great time and fortunately loves it! He has had some troubles with listening ears, well alot. I found out the other day that they get smiley face stamps for being good at the end of the day...I have only seen that on H the first day of school. :( We ARE working on that - constantly at home. I did find out that he handles time out much better at school. Amen for good teachers and some backup! He can be a handful, but I would not change a thing about him.

Height: 3ft 4"
Weight: 32
Favorite Toys: Motorcycles, Tractors, Trains, All Things that "Go"
Loves to: Ride his balance bike, Poppie's motorcycle and tractor. Play in the woods, dig up and move dirt, Play with friends - especially Dax, go to the Zoo, Church (he says it so funny and cute)
Favorite Cartoon: Bubble "Guppies"
Favorite Movie(s): Monsters, Inc. "Mike", Madagascar "Zebra", Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory "Candy"
Favorite Food: Waffles, Pancakes, Anything with cheese, Spaghetti, Yogurt, Ice Cream "I-creams", Candy
Personality: Funny, Smart, Animated, Dramatic, Independent, Full of Life (and himself at times!), Loud, Entertainer, Outgoing

Hudson: 2y 9mo
"For I know the plans I have for you, declared The Lord..." Jeremiah 29:11