Monday, October 14, 2013

Family Fun - Uncorked

 We had such a fun weekend! We got up early Saturday morning for Hudson's soccer game. I was not sure how that was going to go, because he went to bed a little later than usual and woke up way too early. He was super cranky and soccer drained him of any energy he was working with. He did a pretty good job participating in the "drills", but by game time he was over it and took off running super FAST any and every chance he had towards the car;)

We were suppose to go to Auburn for homecoming and take Hudson to his first game,  but that did not work out. So we headed out Saturday afternoon to an event in our neighborhood. All you had to say was Bouncey House and Hudson was in! Here are some pictures of Hudson and his buddy Dax having so much fun!

Ready to go! Special train drinks in hand!

Spiderman & an Auburn Tiger!  

Time to jump! Was so excited he didn't have time to take his shoes off;)

My sweet family

Girls watching the boys:)

Hudson and Dax checking out the guitar man...
Hudson desperately wants Charlotte to take interest in him, as he does her;)
I hope they get married one day!
Alford's riding the bull...
Beth beat Josh;)
Closing out the afternoon with some ice cream! 

This sweet man was so kind to let the boys "check things out" :)
Hudson's day was made!
On Sunday, we went to church & started the "Generous" series. Another great sermon by Pastor Chris. It is such a blessing to have an anointed pastor, who is clearly answering his calling by delivering the word of our God. I am so thankful to have found a home church that we have both grown so much stronger in our faith because of it. I am amazed daily as I see God move in our lives together, as individuals and also in the people around us. After church, we all headed to lunch with Scooter, Aunt Amy and Landry. Here is a picture of Hudson on the way home. One minute he was chomping away at his sucker and the next... ;)
Have a great week!
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