Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mr. Independent

Hudson is seriously a character. He always has something going on in that little head of his and is always making us laugh and entertaining us. This morning Hudson came downstairs with his little white heiny shining proudly waving his "big boy" underwear around (Note: he is calling them panties...we are working on that - ha!). I have not been upstairs to see where he removed his diaper, but I imagine it is somewhere near his "panty" drawer.
Next thing I know, Hudson came back down with his choice of wardrobe for the day. He informed that "snow is coming Mama". After a little talk about the weather, he decided that it would be ok to go without the winter hat today.

He chose a striped shirt and striped shorts. Because stripes match :) This is Hudson modeling his fashionable choices and is clearly very excited and happy about them! I love all of his little expressions so much.

This little boy is our pride and joy. We are so blessed to have such a little character:) I do not know what we would do without him - and all of his little antics;)

Potty Update: Since he decided today was his day to go the big boy route, we made a quick potty chart for tee tee, #2 and listening ears. He gets one skittle and a small sicker for teetee and when he has really good listening ears. He gets two skittles and a big sticker for the other business;) So far, we have been dry all morning and are still rocking the big boys! Yay for Hudson! Two stickers already down on the teetee column!

Hudson 2yrs 9mo

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