Monday, October 21, 2013

We've Been Booed!

And Hudson was thrilled! I love this little game that is played during Halloween time. If you aren't familiar or if you want to get a really cute printable to start it in your neighborhood, I found the one that we got here. Here is a video of sweet Hudson "finding" his treats and a few pictures showing off his treats!

Once you have been booed, it is your turn to "boo" two more neighbors. In my opinion, it is more fun to boo someone! Hudson and I headed to the store that morning and gathered our own booing stuff. Although I got so much joy picking fun stuff out for our neighbors/friends, I must say I am TERRIBLE at booing. We went ahead and booed our friends rather than waiting around until night, because I did not feel like running around at night and sneaking up at someone's house and ringing their doorbell! At the first house, it was a miracle I did not twist my ankle running from their door;) Hudson was crying in the car trying to get out, because he wanted to get out too. He did not quite understand why I was running either. Poor thing was SO confused and sad that he could not get out:( The second house caught us and I was so sad about it. Oh well! It is for the kiddos anyway! We had so much fun doing it!

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